Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ From Lemuria until Today, You Have Waited for this Moment

Three million years ago the Earth was full of Light. Sanat Kumara and 144,000 masters came to Lemuria from Venus and landed at Kuramayama. Many of you were present at that time in your Light Body and became part of the Council of Masters that would create the future for all civilizations on Earth.
We made many plans to bring the people of Earth to the highest level of consciousness. Once the plans were clear, we gathered in Tenkawa. Each of us were ready to travel around the globe to bring the message and the tools to raise the level of consciousness to Enlightenment and Ascension. It was in Tenkawa that we made our promise to stay with the people until they were ready for this knowledge. I think this is why Sanat Kumara has encouraged us to go to Tenkawa and reawaken our gifts. The Masters are very pleased that so many of you have answered their call and took the journey to Tenkawa. You may not know what happened there, but deep inside of you something was activated. The Love Power was downloaded into your consciousness and now you fully connected to the Masters every day.

This activation has already begun. At first you will only feel a stir of new energy, but not really understand the details of what happened. It is not necessary for us to understand this energy today. We only need to feel it stirring inside of us. One day you will feel it is time to take a step and allow this energy to move through you. The energy will move through and motivate your heart to do something. Each time you will not know what it is or how to use the energy until you take the step to let the energy move through you. You have to demonstrate to the masters and to the universe that you trust what is happening.
Trusting the energy is the key. If you have the courage to step forward and actually do it, all the masters will be there to help you. This is the same energy that moved through you a long time ago when you were with the masters in Light Body. It will feel strangely familiar but a bit confusing as you try to figure out how to understand this in our present world. Don’t think! It will just get frustrating as your human mind attempts to understand what you knew then and how to actualize it in this modern world.
This energy is from Lemuria. It is not at all like anything we know today. Feel the energy and let your memories wake up. This is only the first step. Every thing will become more clear later. Trust your feelings! The masters only want to see that you trust what is happening. In a way this is a test to see if you can take the step. Once you demonstrate that you are willing, the masters will connect with you and guide you. Trust is our most important step. It is the real beginning of a future that will be more amazing than anything you have ever done.

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  1. "Trust is our most important step."
    So true. Thanks for this beautiful message, Méline