Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Body, Soul and Inner Master

We are all multi-dimensional beings. Inside this body is our soul. Our soul is as different from our body as the driver of a car is different from the car we drive. When something happens to our car, the driver can walk away and either fix the car or get a new one. The soul stands inside this body and looks through it. What the soul thinks and experiences is often different than what our mind thinks and experiences. The soul is the driver of this body and uses it to learn how to improve our life in the world.
Behind this soul is another being who is as different from the soul as the soul is different from its body. This being is free of karma and negative emotions. We can call it our Inner Master Consciousness. Like our soul this being has its own perspectives and wisdom quite different from the more emotional soul that carries all of the karma from its past lives. This Inner Master is free of all karma and has many gifts that it wants to use in our daily life. The problem is that our body/mind has too much ego to listen, and our soul has too much distortion from the past and too many emotions to also listen to the wisdom our Inner Master wants to share with us.

When we live in this world everyday, we forget who we are inside and get bound up with the events and relationships we have every day. Normally we can never imagine that somewhere inside there is a perfect Master who knows everything we want to accomplish in this life and will do anything to help us. Our life is so consumed by the experiences we have each day that we forget to look deeper inside our self for Inner Guidance. We are like a car that drives itself on autopilot. The driver of the car just sits back and lets the car drive itself! All human beings are basically lazy! We prefer not to do things differently and avoid changing our life to do things better.
Through meditation and channeling we learn to drop down inside and discover the realm of consciousness that is perfectly silent and peaceful. When we connect to the Inner Master we feel a surge of electricity as the Master’s consciousness wakes up. We feel more light and love that we can gradually bring into our life and feel better. Remember inside this body and beyond that deep inside our soul, there is another being that is free from all the confusion of the day to day experiences. The Inner Master is always there observing what we do and whispering to us to try another way. Our mind is so busy that we can’t hear or understand what the Inner Master is telling us.
Learning to relax and let go, and just be quiet is the only way to hear these messages and transform our life into a miracle. We will never find a better master anywhere in this world. The best Master who can really understand what we need is already inside of us. If we could peel away the layers of karma and emotion, we would discover who we really are underneath all of this disturbance. The Inner Master is always free of these emotions and all our karma in the same way as if we were watching a movie and sitting comfortably at a distance in the room.
Tune in and meditate. Practice letting go and learn how to not think too much about what we are doing. The best meditation happens when we don’t do anything to make it happen. Just letting go and feeling the mantra, eases our attention into deeper levels of experience until the Inner Master wakes up and says, “Now I know who I really am! I am not this body and I am not this emotional soul. I am Pure, Wise and full of Love. I have been here waiting for a long time, but I never gave up on you. Now you know me, so now I can begin to teach you how to change the life you have known into something so wonderful that you will think it is a miracle. It is not a miracle. You are a miracle already but you never knew it. Your entire life can be transformed just by opening the door and listening to me. I am your Inner Master and teacher!”

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