Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Dragons and Nagas

When we see the image of a dragon in a dream or the shape of a dragon in the clouds, it is a very powerful message. Dragons and Nagas (dragons without feet) are always a symbol of transformation. There is a wonderful statue of Buddha sitting in meditation on a Seven Headed Naga coiled beneath him and his hood over Buddha’s head to protect Buddha during the rainy season.
There is another famous image of Narayana (Lord Vishnu or Krishna) resting on a Seven Headed Naga in the middle of the ocean. In both cases the Naga is a protector and at the same time a symbol of kundalini, the spiritual energy or Ki that rises up the spine during meditation and clears the Seven Chakras.

Every culture in the world has images of dragons and nagas. There must be a reason why we see them everywhere in ancient cultures. Are they real? This is a difficult question to answer. Yes, they do exist in the spiritual dimensions but this is difficult to prove since most people cannot see them. In South East Asia, the people believe that Nagas can be physical and reside in certain caves where Buddhist monks do their meditations. There have been several incidents where Nagas have been seen in the Mekong River. There is even a photo of 29 American GI’s who caught a Naga and are seen holding it.
Whether they are real or not, they symbolize a huge transformation coming in our life. Sometimes this might be a warning that a lot of karma is about to clear. But even in this case, it is considered a good omen that indicates that finally our karma is clearing and our Enlightenment is coming soon. If you see the image of a dragon or a naga, you are very lucky. It is a time of great spiritual change in your life.
If you are afraid of seeing a dragon or a naga, what should you do? The answer is quite simple! Call on Kannon! She is often seen standing on a dragon in the middle of a stormy sea but standing perfectly at peace. Kannon is the healer of all karma. She stands on the dragon of karma and knows how to tame it. Kannon will help you tame your karma and bring you to Enlightenment. Call on Kannon to heal your past and wake up your kundalini to bring you to Enlightenment as quickly as possible. Enjoy!

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