Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The love we share with a Master


Love gives us a direction in life. What Master we love the most is what we want to become in the future. We choose a Master like Kannon or Sanat Kumara because one day we want to be like them. We could think of it this way, each Master demonstrates certain gifts and behaviors that our soul desires to learn. Each Master is a level of Enlightened Consciousness. When we strive for Enlightenment, our soul also knows what kind of Enlightenment we want to achieve. There are so many possibilities that our mind could never decide which one is better. They all are wonderful! But deep inside of us, our soul has chosen a direction. We can know more about the direction of our soul by looking at what our soul loves the most. Our heart naturally goes to the Master that we most want to become.

One day in the future we will express all of the Divine Gifts and radiations of Compassion that we admire in a Master we love today. I like to think that the name given to each Master is a title or a mantra that reveals a specific quality of enlightenment. When a soul reaches enlightenment and has that quality, they are given a title suitable to their higher nature. In truth there have been many Kannons and many Buddhas. For each cycle of time, different souls occupy those positions for the benefit of other living beings. Maybe one day in the distant future, you will be the next Kannon, or the next Christ etc. All Masters were once human and went through many lives before they achieved the perfection they were looking for.

Love a Master with all your heart. Bring that Master into your heart as much as you can, and each day you will grow in that direction. No matter what condition you are in today, you are inspired to move beyond it and learn the lessons from your karmic teachings. Embracing a Master with all your heart and inviting them into your life is the best way to change the way your think, the way you behave, and the love you can offer to others. They call this the easy path. It is an easy and natural way to change your life by embracing the one you love. If a Master comes to you, embrace them as your own future nature. Embrace them as you would embrace your Higher Self and you will one day become them.

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