Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Signals and Power Feedings from your Divine Self

As we open our heart to the Masters and begin our spiritual journey through meditation and channeling, we also open to new levels of experiences that happen to our body and our consciousness. When we begin to open to the Divine, we are really discovering that this Divine Consciousness is already inside of us. The Divine has been waiting for us to tune in and activate all the blessings and gifts we carry deep inside. One of our first and most important questions is how do I verify that what I am receiving is the Truth.
The Masters are ready to help you. All you need to do is ask. You can ask the Masters to send you a Power Feeding of Spiritual Light and Love. They will download this Power Feeding from deep inside of you. It never comes from the outside. Only when this Power rises up inside of you can you trust it. If it comes from the outside, you are not generating it and you must be suspicious of where it comes from. If it comes from inside you can trust that it is the right Truth for you. If it comes from the outside, it may be truth but it is not your Truth.

When a Power Feeding comes through you, it is like electricity generated from deep inside and vibrating through your body and your consciousness. Sometimes you will feel this vibration electrifying the cells of your body, or as waves of soothing light and love. Power Feedings transform your body and your consciousness to a higher vibration of perception. You might feel your heart flutter, or feel a sensation of warmth around your heart or the top of your head on your face. Once you begin to feel this Power Feeding, ask the Masters to give you a sign or a signal that you can use to verify if this energy or message is coming from the most Divine Aspect of your spiritual consciousness. More importantly, ask the Masters to give you a sign or signal that you can use anytime to verify that whatever you want to know such as a message, or a choice (like should I do this?) is the Truth or just some karma or thought from my subconscious mind.
Once you ask for this sign or signal, the Masters and your own Divine Self will send it to you. Close your eyes and feel the Power Feeding rising up inside of you. Look for a sign. It usually comes in a flash and doesn’t last long. When it comes don’t think too much, just feel it and notice something about it that will help you in the future to recognize it again. Maybe the sign is warmth around the heart, or a flash of light with a specific color. Sometimes it is a sensation somewhere on the body such as the chest, the head or the hands. Once you recognize it and feel spiritual energy with it, you can use it anytime for the rest of your life. Any time you want to know if something is right, you can ask your Divine Self and the Masters to give you your signal that this is the Truth and is in harmony with everything that is good for you and for this world.
It is very important when we first receive our signal, not to think too much or worry about if it is right or not. Never doubt. If it comes with a Power Feeding from inside of you, and you can feel the energy, then it is Truth. If you are not sure that you felt anything, then wait for another time and ask again. When it comes, trust it and confirm with the Masters that this is your signal by saying, “Thank you, I got it.” Once you accept it and agree that this is your signal, the Masters can send it to you anytime you need it. Enjoy!

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