Friday, December 14, 2012

Méline Lafont ~Message from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light ~

We are the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, encircling you all in these days of Love and happiness. This is truly a fantastic time that all of you are experiencing.  You may genuinely feel grateful for this for it is really a very exceptional process, and a great one at that too! We feel the building up of your tensions and your expectations in all Love and in mutual respect.

We feel a greater sense of connectedness between humanity in these times and that is a very desirable feature to usher in this fantastic time and we are most pleased to announce from our standpoint that something really big will come to pass in the coming times. You can count on even more efforts from our part to effectively establish the first contacts with your civilizations.

We wish to arrive at that in all calmness and serenity; it isn’t required to link this event with big festivities, that really is not necessary. According to our monitoring, the best way to proceed with these first contacts is in all tranquility with groups of your civilizations.  The one who is ready will be most suitable to communicate with us and, eventually, will be granted a conscious encounter. Let’s first and foremost establish these proceedings with the highest possible serenity, since the wrong approach, in which things are not properly handled, could still cause too much panic.

We radiate serenity and our intentions testify to this. We, as the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, have already been able to accomplish much on your world and beyond thanks to our harmony and our cooperation. The co-emissaries of the Galactic Council of the Light are fully ready and in stand-by to actually begin establishing contacts after our contacts went smoothly, indicating that our first contact mission was a successful one.

All in all we are dealing with a highly sensitive project and it requires a devised and well thought-out plan coupled with a careful execution in all Love and serenity! We would really appreciate your assistance and cooperation in the matter by being and remaining calm at all times and, if need be,  calming down others around you. We absolutely have no ill intentions towards you, we come in peace in order to have you recognize who you really are : you are our family! We come because we Love you, that’s the only reason. Many of our emissaries and many of our family of the Light are incarnated on your world and despite that fact they do not differ from you, so there is nothing to fear! All is well.

We would like to take this opportunity to divulge over the last biggest shift of this calendar year. This conclusion will be one never to forget. It will be the start of the most beautiful world and the most wonderful change ever. It is a magnificent conclusion of duality and the start of your own gorgeous Being. This shift heralds a new era of Light in which the Christ consciousness will be yours, for all of you. It will be your renewed collective state of being, which will entail its growing pains as every evolution goes hand in hand with them. Ultimately you should keep your focus on the end result which is within your grasp now.

Everything will evolve much quicker than ever before. It will be difficult to keep up with how fast everything will change as to the processes, the changes, the creations, the consciousness and the enlightenment involved. All timelines will converge into one point and all of a sudden everything could very well shift in 1 second: that’s how fast it can go. Time will no longer exist, only the moment of NOW will remain and in that specific NOW moment you will BE in that higher state of BEING, the only one you will embody and radiate out.

That is the Christ state of Being towards which you are evolving now on a collective scale and Mother Earth has never ever been surrounded by so many beautiful Light Presences, on Earth as well as beyond. We are all present, and that is an understatement in itself, to witness you succeed in your realization of your own creations and of your own Ascension. Accomplish what you have fought so hard for, what you have toiled towards and see that becoming real before your very eyes and in your hearts.

We are here to see to it that everything works out well and ends well ; we come to assist our family on Earth in their specific missions here.  We feel exhilarated, so do you and with reason! What you have accomplished has never been done before in any history whatsoever, and certainly not on the level that you have reached now.  Enjoy the astonishing continuation of your creation and release everything during this shift! Enjoy, ‘go with the flow’ and bring your heart to a degree of pure Love. And keep hovering in this Love and indulge yourself for it will have a liberating effect.

We are the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light and we would like to meet you next time in your newly born New World. Take good care of this new world and take good care of all your brothers and sisters, and be Love for that will be the new way of life on this world and not otherwise.

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  1. Thanks Meline for this great and luminous post. - R.- India