Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Earth

New Earth
New Earth
Dolphins ask that you close your eyes, look into the portal of breath, and breathe in the essence of your holy celestial, for you are pure existence. We are one dear children, of this holiness of energy that we encompass. Breathe in our breath, breathe out into the portal of oneness. Many of you are called today to rise into the New Earth. We are to envision the purity of we are one and in oneness. Just as her child to impregnate with life calls upon a mother, Earth too is calling you to impregnate with the New Earth.

Many of you have heeded this call, which is why many of you may be experiencing symptoms similar to those which a mother may experience while impregnated with life. You must know that neither physicality is necessary. When carrying life, there is only joy! There is no need in either instance to take these symptoms in as your own. These are symptoms that are easily remedied with known knowledge within your own bodies, which you, my dear children, have. It is innate and natural to bestow this wisdom. The ancient order of Christ Consciousness is within you.

Let us give the impression of being with some of the symptoms. As those within you and those with Earth and we shall see that your bodies are the same as our Earth bodies. We are all in the metamorphosis of universal warming, universal warming in the sense of warmth and comfort to the body of physicality as well as the Earth?s body. Perhaps tiredness or fatigue overcomes you, listen to the body and rest. Take the breathing space you need to be. Listen.

Earth is tired, we see this in the landscapes. Where there is much needed down time to rest, Earth does so by just allowing nature to be where it needs to be, allowing the wind to blow where it needs to blow. The wind blows where energy is necessary to clear, cleanse, and refresh. Listen.

Aches, pains in the physical body, take time to stretch, walk, do yoga, let music move you. You do not have to actually have to listen to music itself, rather, listen to the music in you. If you do intend to listen to music, still allow the music to move you, anything to arise the serpent energies to unblock the aches. This does not and may not be a vigorous exercise but rather subtle, gentle movements. There you will find comfort in the discomfort. Listen. Earth?s aches and pains, Earth releases its energy through events that may seem catastrophic or upheaving, some subtle and gentle, through change of the seasons, through rain, wind, snow, etc, yet still in celestial order, making movement. Whether you or earth are sensitive, both need movement to take rise to new energies. Listen. Night sweats or extreme heat flashes, or extreme coldness in hands and feet, most often at night, with these is a time to become cognizant, allow yourself to go within and find peace in the flash whether it be hot or cold that, yes the heat is rising, or the ice is melting only because you are ascending into this New Earth. Listen.

Earth does this through environment change. We are seeing a surge of heat or cold in areas where once before never existed. Know that this is a natural part of your body and Earth?s body. Listen. Food intake may be changing, many of you are consuming only Earth?s foods, this is a following suit of Earth that is basic for New Earth bodies. We ask that you listen in and ask your Earth body what it wishes to eat, just as if you were pregnant with life. Yes, remember you are pregnant, pregnant with this New Earth. So what does the body need/want to take in? Most likely with complete cognizant there is a wakefulness that consists of no meats, no fats, no sugars, no salt, (salt baths are a good cleansing and we encourage this). You may find yourself craving certain colors of foods, eat them! Colors of food feed the chakra system in celestial order. If you are craving chocolates and sweets, do not deny the body, eat them! Yes eat what your body is calling for, trust that it will balance out. Listen.

Earth too is changing consumption, more people are growing their own gardens, more permaculture is foresting throughout the Earth, plants perhaps never seen before are sprouting and taking root in areas where once there were no plants. A continuous flow and fluctuation of growth ever growing is happening. Listen.

Some may experience nausea. This is fear creeping in. Let it go and ask the body what it wants and needs to nurture and nourish its nature. It may need to fast, juice, or eat smaller amounts. It may even need or want that piece of chocolate. More often we ask you to listen. Earth?s nausea is different in that Earth itself has no fear but rather function, this through the natural flow by purging out old areas or systems where it is no longer needed, which is why you may see a quick run of a the overall inhabitants with a cumulative flu or cold cross the country, Earth?s way of purging. Or you may see a catastrophic area with unknown amounts of land destruction, again purging. Listen.

Which in turn allows time for silence. You may find yourself needing or wanting more silent time, quiet time, going within, finding yourself not listening to the radio or television, do so. Listen. Earth too needs and wants this. Notice the stillness in the early mornings of your life or quiet times that Earth bestows, cherish and treasure the moment of Earth?s stillness, as a mother in a rocking chair, rocking with unborn or born child. Listen. A need to release or get rid of things, as if nesting, like a mother getting ready for her child. You may throw away or give away things you once had attachment to and you no longer feel the need to have. If you have not had connection in some way with or in and of an object for more than a year, then it is time to let it go. Listen. Earth too is being this again through the releasing of environment change. This is a natural process to get rid of what we no longer need or want so as to make room for the new, the new baby, and the New Earth. Listen. You may find yourself in woes or worries, despair, maybe even depression, allow those moments to wash away with either a salt bath, shower, foods that call you, silence, walking. Allow yourself to cry, tears are the sea salt of your Earth body, cleansing and clearing. Or you may wish to laugh out loud. Listen to the body of this Earth. Commune with nature. Allow it to feed your soul. If needed, seek out someone in your sacred circle of community and commune with them, or find alternative health modalities that heal the body naturally. Listen.

You may find your spiritual environment change. Where once you could not get enough information from self help books or videos or deck cards, affirmations, spiritual workshops, even certain crystals that once seemed so sacred to you, you now find yourself already knowing and letting go. The knowing of your sheer existence on this planet is more than enough. No book or video or card, crystal, no amount of affirming is needed, can or will bring this too you now at this point of the New Earth, because you already are in the knowing of nature (self) love, not ego but rather nature (self) love. We share the words nature love, you are nature, and Earth is nature, all of Earth. Each of you are nature, the tree, the rock, the flower, the grass, the mountain, yes YOU! You are the flower that transports fragrance to the beauty of the vast Earth, YOU! Thus nature love, as if pregnant, you and your child in oneness together. There is a pure knowing between you and child that all is well in the silence of love. Together you each are nature, you perhaps the tree, child the flower, both need each other to grow. Listen. So then you may find yourself perhaps reconnecting with souls who seem all too familiar to you, like oh I feel like I know you or haven?t we meet before. Yes, you have.

You are traveling this path again and again and again with one another and this is also a way of knowing ego is no longer riding you, for ego knows not this language. Love knows only the language of love and remembers the souls who they knew and know as love. Just as Earth knows you and knows your name. Your name is love, dear children. We know you from time and time and time again, we have traveled this path, this consecrated ritualistic path to come to this, this New Earth where only joy exists in its purest form. If we are to proclaim oneness and the we are one chant, mantra, song, then we are to be so, in joy. Dolphins, and crossed over spirits come here to rise to the occasion that it is our birthright to live fully alive in joy!

You may have surges of high sexual energy or a decrease in sexual energy, all give rise to the soul as the fire ignites in the natural self. Know your nature body, what does it need/want in terms of sexual energy? This energy is raw, naked, for in the nakedness of nature, there is no veil. Listen. Earth?s sexual energy, you view a tree, flower in its raw/naked beauty, no clothing, no veil to unmask. Purity flows from the divine essence to all that which is sacred divinity. Listen. Now is the time, time is now, trust the practice of love. Love has and always will be the energetic portal to ascension. Authentically you are already ascended into ascension, always have been. The body is just reactivating itself in knowing the known knowledge. Summoning itself to balance, the soul has traveled many lifetimes to be. Many feel the need to do or be, and there is nothing, and we indicate nothing you need to do or be, aside from, listen! Listen to each fiber in your cell body that exalts the words love, for in your mind-body-spirit-soul you are the divine gift to the Earth and Earth is a divine gift to you. We are one in the divine flow and portal on the path of love. Returning to Earth?s roots, we will find balance, balance of the ancient way of life in being the purity of the divine. Our bodies already encompass all the needed knowledge. Listen. 

Balance and know you are loved. You Are Love. All Nature is love.
Breathe. Now we ask you to take a deep breath in the knowing of your body?s body and Earth?s body that ?we?, we children of this Earth, are one. Acknowledgment to the New Earth joyful blessings!
Jag~Jewel~Tallulah~All Dolphins of the Universe~Spirits/Souls

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