Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Back from retreat and in the Aquarius Age

Hi precious hearts; all of you a big welcome to this Golden Age and Aquarius Age... I, personally am glad to see this Aquarius Age to begin.  I have been through things and shifts during my retreat and I will try to write them down and share them with you as soon as possible while trying to keep up with the new shifts occuring and holliday, festivities and channeling work.  I hope everyone has had a great beginning of this alignement and Ascension shift, as it is really the beginning and we all can feel this for sure... From now on I will start channeling again and share others their precious work too.  I have received a message from Saint Germain on the 20/12/2012 evening just before the alignement but was not able to share it yet due to my retreat; yes I have really been "off world" during 5 days so I am not aware at all about everything that is occuring on the planet and in the hearts of everyone.. I will post the channeling of Saint Germain  as soon as possible later today or tomorow.  I Love you all, Méline ♥

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