Thursday, December 13, 2012

I am pleased to see how everything unfolds – Lady Maria through Isabel Henn December 12, 2012

Maria 2
My beloved children, on this all-important day – with the meditations in which your intention and love found expression – you all have helped your beloved Gaia with her final Ascension into the 5th Dimension.
The vibrations on Earth have increased enormously and could then accomplish this. All negative and low energies will leave the earth now for good in the next few days up to your Ascension climax on 21.12. You’re going to feel lighter and more loving now. The portal for the ascent also of man has been opened and now stays open for a while. Some people have ascended into the higher dimensions today, many will follow and after the 21.12. the chance for late bookers will remain. Do not worry so. You have all the options open, even after this so long awaited day.

Remain in your love and send your light furthermore into the grids of the world to enhance the desired effect yet. You help so many people who have not decided yet. You arise their desire for more, for love and oneness in them, and give them so the opportunity for a life in peace and love. So many of you Lightworkers and Wayshowers could feel the Oneness with All-That-Is during the global meditations. You received my essences of the Divine Mother that unfold slowly now in you. Still rest a lot and also drink much clear water so that the energies can flow through your bodies.

You may all be very proud of what you have achieved with so much love and dedication and so much work in sometimes over several decades. We are it too and all higher dimensions cheer full of joy about your great achievements. Please do not rest quite, because the work is not yet completed. After the planet, it is now valid to help her residents to create that memorable mass Ascension  in their physical bodies.

With the still-increasing energies the number of those who wake up is getting again much larger. The higher frequencies are now working like your alarm clocks, that get you up from sleep in the morning. This sleep, however, was for most people a very deep one and they will rub their eyes and at first can not grasp the changes they will find. For them it is as if they slept through the centuries and has missed an entire development phase. Please my dear children, be there for them and help them through the initial difficulties. Turn to them with love and stand by them in this for them barely-understandable time. Take them by the hand like children and show them the way. This Ascension is a joint effort and you will be assisted in its entirety from my Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters and your stellan families.

You have to endure only a little more and work on your day’s work. Your reward will be a glorious life in peace, freedom, prosperity and love. You have earned it indeed. The veil of forgetfulness will lift now and then finally you can see us in your midst, and much more. You will be able to see that you have never been alone in your unprecedented undertaking, but that many helpers from all over the universe and all higher dimensions and realms assisted, helped and protected you.

My beloved children – and that you are, because I am your Divine Mother and the Twin Flame of Prime Creator – I envelope you in my infinite and eternal love. Soon, in a few days, you will leave duality and return home. Many of my beloved Lightworkers and Starseeds come from higher dimensions, where they are awaited with lot of joy.

The larger portion of the people who now live on the earth will find themselves in the fifth Dimension, in a new world, where everything has been prepared for their arrival. There they will build a new society that will be a galactic society. They will get all the help that is needed.
I am pleased to see how everything unfolds. I am Lady Maria, the Mother of all Beings in this ever-expanding universe.

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