Friday, December 28, 2012

Méline Lafont: My experiences around the Alignment of 21/12/2012

Ok, after my retreat of 6 days I feel ready to share my experiences and feelings that went through me during that time. I must say that 20 - 21 and 22 December were extremely weird for me and gave me a downer. The weather was very dark and drizzly, the world and people around me were anything but cheerful and sunny. I saw much unkindness and sour people walking around and I have seen everything except for color and no shift has been seen yet nor felt. It felt like I was disconnected in those three days and that the beautiful spectacle was staying out. I was so disappointed and had placed expectations ahead of where I knew in advanced not to do so and just had to let go! Yet sometimes takes that "human" over and it is tempting, even for me.

On the 22th I went to a cave where the most beautiful crystals are present which are forming their creations. This was an opening for me and has made me very pleased, you could feel the purity and it was fresh and wonderful! I saw many light entities who were there and I felt tremendously welcomed and seduced by these beautiful crystals to touch and connect with them. These crystals were of enormous proportions and size and radiate purity itself! No photograph can reflect the real beauty of these crystals.

After this visit, it became very clear to me that I went through a huge purification just like my mother and children, we felt a lot of physical changes happening, and that night I finally went through my personal alignment and portal experience! During one of the 3 meditations from Anrita Melchizedek, (which I did every day, all 3 of them before bedtime and even had done these 3 days in a row) , I have experienced three shifts during meditation! Beautiful violet and bright white colors went right through my heart and was perceived as a huge enlightenment and wonderful Ascension.

It became very clear to me that from that day on the 23th, everything felt different and the sun was finally shining and bringing forth these beautiful colors that I had never seen before. Ok, so these 3 dark days before that were so bleak for me and literally were gloomy weather, were my interpretation for the period of the 3 dark days. For me personally are these 3 dark days, which many have speculated on, not to conceive literally, but is this a period where each and one of us experiences this on a personal level as an inner cleansing where all the unpleasant and difficult,dark issues comes up to where you, yourself here, should transcend you out of this before the enlightening follows; your personal enlightenment by retrieving your Self and Light, and bringing you back into your Inner Self. So this is how it was for me and how I understood it at least, since I have been confronted to a few issues, which I had to look at on a whole different level and simply let go of everything!

Those 3 days were really a sense of expectation, disappointment and foremost a confrontation with some issues I had to go through before I could understand this all afterwards. Since these were accompanied with real dark days of fog and rain, all this was reinforcing these feelings of being down. I felt nothing those three days as if I was not following along this proces, but this proved not to be the case, on the contrary! I was thinking to myself that this looked like the dark times and that when this veil of mist once pulls away, the color will appear and so it was for me.

From that day on everything inside me was changing and again I had undergone a huge transformation, I am personally very much changed and I understand more things about myself and about my Twin Flame and the process of our reunion and Ascension. Everything seemed suddenly reflecting a violet appearance now, wherever the sun was shining on, this beautiful color reflected, though I am feeling this more as the sun making this color more visible now. Over all the trees and beautiful nature, road signs and even myself and my car seemed to be a beautiful violet color. Also I noticed a lot of the 7 ray colors, appearing as small rainbows all around me and in nature. Really beautiful! My camera could perceive all of this everywhere I turned my lens to. I saw huge light pillars of a violet color, even on my screen of my camera.

Afterwards, images of natural beauty or memories begin entering my consciousness such as caves, mountains, crystals and even sacred temples built in the beautiful nature. I'm still trying to clarify whether these are memories or visions.  I can feel that all the timelines  are really merging into one timeline, very subtle, and now I feel more connected and activated with my Higher body and myself in 5D. Everything has started and this is a very gradual process that never would be completed in one day, and this is what I and all of us always have known, and still we are placing expectations, how "human" right?!

Now I feel myself transcending out this vast humanity and I feel more at home in the higher Light world. My returning "home", where I live, was a tremendous down experience, because I feel anything but "home" here, even though I feel the changes occur .. Living together with someone who is not awakened and also refuses to be so at this point, is anything but easy when you feel you are growing out of this all and not creating this all anymore but your partner does. And still have to live together while you are on another level building things up with your Twin Flame.... A very important point which many of us are having difficulty with.

Everything is about having confidence in yourself and keeping the Light, we have actually gone through a shift but this is only just the beginning and the first steps. Everything becomes gradually clearer and it can not else than become better and more beautiful.

Share your experiences with each other, and you are welcome to share them with me, then I will put them on my blog amongst the other messages from readers of my blog. We're all here for each other and this for ever in all Love. Much love my precious hearts, Meline


  1. Thanks Méline, its was very much the same for me. Three days of stillness and darkness, very quiet. But on the fourth day she rose again with golden hue over the mountains. I have been feeling like a massive download is occurring through my crown chakra in my meditation sessions. I am feeling more and more pressure in my third eye and also like something is changing within. Lots of love.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences dear Palmi! Can I share this on the page of experiences of readers on this Blog?

      Love to you , Méline ♥

    2. Thank you for posting this. I'm also going through and awakening. I'd like to know more and talk to people who know about this. Thanks.