Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Magical day by Méline

Wauw what a day!! Did you feel this quietness like the world was put on hold and you seem to be the only person on it??!  That was my experience today at least.  The sky was bright blue with a beautiful sun shining  through.  Magical!  These are some crystals of mine and a friend, family that we have litterly grounded with Mother Earth yesterday evening, in order to let this incomming shift and energy, codes and Light integrate into the crystal, so that this 
information is absorbed in the crystal.  Boy, Am I looking forward to get it back home to me tomorow!!!  So curious of how it will feel when connecting with these crystals again, hoping to receive and feel much new info comming in through these and I am pretty sure they will.

Hope to hear everyones experience soon!  Love and blessings, Love you all precious hearts ♥

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