Friday, December 28, 2012

Doesn’t the sun shine brighter and more beautiful than ever? – Lady Maria through Isabel Henn December 27, 2012

Maria 2

My beloved children, as your Divine Mother, I am proud of your achievements in this nearly ending year. You have achieved something that has never been done successfully before in this universe: the rise of a planet with a large part of its population. The rise of the population is not yet complete and will continue for a good while. Many people are just now waking up by the changes they can experience. Others have only short-term decided to ascend likewise. All these wonderful beings are not deprived of this opportunity. Gaia loves you so much that she keeps this option open for you for a while longer.

My beloved Lightworkers, do not doubt the success, even if you can not see any major changes. Please be open, acknowledge that the shift into a higher dimension has occurred, allow it and let the other changes happen. I hear all of your cries, many of you doubt and lose faith in what have been told so often to you. I hear everything. Please continue to trust us, look into yourself for the first signs of the change. Welcome these signs and then you can find them outside of you. Doesn’t the sun shine brighter and more beautiful than ever? Aren’t the colors not even brighter? Look around and you will discover so much.

Your bodies and your consciousness are in a process of adaptation. It takes a while, so please stay patient and do not block this process by a denial. Your guides and your Higher Selves are working tirelessly in your sleeptimes on this process. You’ll find a kind of post-ascension symptoms that are similar to your so well known Ascension symptoms. Headaches, fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision and more. You’re familiar with them. Accept the symptoms and it will be easier for you, they are finally signs of a major step in your spiritual development. And again some often heard advice: drink lots of pure, clean water, eat lightly and rest a lot. This adjustment process is very strenous for your body, additionally to that are the high energies, but be assured from me, this will get better over time. You can keep a diary or journal about your changes, it helps you to cope better with everything and also to recognize the changes over time. Some of the changes to you can be: clear-sightedness, clairaudience, seeing the aura of people, animals and objects, enhanced intuition, developing telepathic abilities, faster healing of the body, the ability to heal, and many others.

All this does not happen within days, it takes time and can take months. No one has in mind to overload you and your body. This would probably not be in your best interest. Trust in your Higher Self. It knows very well what is reasonable for you and what needs to be saved for later. It also determines more or less the rate of adjustments. You are now One with your Higher Self. You have been always, but now it resides in your heart and is closer to you than ever.

Be patient with yourselves, my beloved children. You now have all eternity for your further development. Please stay in your light and your love. Help your fellow men when they come to you and ask for the reasons for all these changes. This is even now still a part of your tasks as Lightworkers and Wayshowers. There is now no longer a date, which need to be considered, you stand now at the beginning of a glorious wonderful future.

Your stellan brothers and sisters want to give you some time for the initial adjustments and take a breather, which ye now urgently need. Enjoy this holiday season and the holidays that come in one or another of your countries. You can then continue to work with the restoration of the beauty of Gaia, by your love and your energies anchored through you in your homeworld. You are with that helping Gaia to dissolve still more old negative energies. In this way, major disasters can be avoided. It will continue to have earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, this can not be avoided as the expression of the cleaning process, but you can through your love and energy help Gaia to minimize the amount. In return, and as expression of her love to her residents, she extends the opportunity for humanity to participate in the ascension process.

Once it is worthwile and beneficial for you, your stellan families can help and support in building your new society. It would still be too early now. Nobody wants to spread fear and chaos in this crucial moment. We had all hoped that the changes in your daily life and also the arrival of your stellan brothers and sisters could be accomplished before Ascension, but we had to delay it in favor of an undisturbed ascension process in consultation with all those involved directly. Your attention on your really big goal should not be distracted by other upheavals of all type and a possible outbreak of fear and chaos. Please forgive us this further delays. Your reliefs will be performed gradually according to your adjustments to the 5th Dimension.

I am aware like many that you’re disappointed and have expected more. Immediate full awareness, instant healing of all kinds, and a life in paradise. An awakening from the illusion and immersion into the 5th Dimension or higher. A sudden change of the dimensions would have been too great a burden for you as humankind, as a whole. A gradual adjustment, which is also supported by the opening of your perspectives is much less stressful for you, and that was the only possible option for you.

Live your love and let go all three-dimensional conceptions and beliefs and open yourselves therefore to the higher dimension. Live a five-dimensional life and it manifests itself before your eyes.
My beloved children and newly Ascended Masters, for this you are now, build now full of confidence and joy your new 5D-life in a new society that is no longer in service to self, but meets the requirements of service to all. You are all One, so act now further thereafter, supported by numerous volunteers from all over the universe and all higher dimensions and realms.

As your mother, I embrace each one of you and wrap you in my infinite eternal love. I am Lady Maria, your Divine Mother.

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