Friday, December 14, 2012

The light your dear planet is emitting now is awesome. So make it brighter! – channeled by Ron Head

divine light1
This day we wish to ask of you two very important things.  Most of you have already noticed the need for these and are already proceeding as we shall ask.  But we shall ask anyway, if for no other reason than to reinforce what you have perceived.

Firstly, you have certainly noticed that many are beginning to exhibit signs of panic.  If asked, they would probably deny even the slightest worry or even knowledge of the impending shift.  Yet they have heard enough and possibly felt enough to know something is approaching.  And of course, their sources of knowledge being mainstream, they only expect the worst.  You have not any need to reason with, remonstrate with, or educate them.  Listening and showing that you are not at all worried will be enough.  If they do not speak of it, still your calm and assurance will affect them.

Secondly, and even more importantly, please continue to bring in the light in the same way you did on the twelve-twelve.  In this we know we are echoing what you may have heard other places.  Please know two things.  One is that each of these channels reaches somewhat different audiences.  And also, begin to understand that the information which rings true to you comes from the same place, so to speak.  We are many, but we are one.  Just as you are just beginning to remember that you also are.  And the messages, as you approach your day, call it great shift, ascension, whatever, will necessarily speak more and more of the same things.

Some main points you have heard, and will hear, over and over.  Be calm.  Stay in your hearts.  Most of all, dear ones, look for the first and greatest signs to occur within you.  We have told you often, you are and will continue to be the cause of all the rest.  Your questions remain.  When?  You are the key.  What?  You are the key.  How?  You are the key.  And the larger the scope of the change you look for, the more of you are part of the key.  Do you understand?  So if you are looking for huge changes, spend time giving energy and thought to what those changes will be.

But we began by asking you to continue to bring light.  We do not need to give you any instruction in this.  Just continue to do daily exactly the wonderful things you all did on the twelve-twelve.  Expand it.  Brighten it.  Pump it up, as you would say.  And if you reach a point at which you feel you cannot hold any more, ask for more.

This is a time when you are truly at cause of the outcome.  The light your dear planet is emitting now is awesome.  So make it brighter!
We love you, each and every one.  Good day.

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