Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Saint Germain ~Your own creations brings you now all to enligtenment ~ by Meline Lafont

(I have received this message on the evening of 20/12/2012 during my retreat but was unable to post it then due to no internet connections where I was holding my retreat.  This is why I am only able to post this now.  Méline ♥)

Greetings I AM Presences on Earth. The time has now arrived to lift yourself out of the knowledge and the creations of your being that are pertaining to the 3rd Dimension. Now is the time to preoccupy yourself with renewed creations and with a renewed Higher Self. Let me entrust to you and inform you that this is your new opportunity to transcend yourself out of this illusory way of thinking, of creating and of living. You are all enabled now to once and for all stop this way of living and to enlighten yourself in such a manner that this old familiar world doesn’t affect your I AM Presence anymore.

You can enjoy all the serenity in your environment and see and feel only Love and nothing else. Uplift the knowledge and the standards of your Being by using this enlightenment and this huge portal and take it to heart. Remain in a state of Love in such a way that nobody or nothing can disturb you, while you continually have faith in yourself. You are your own key to enlightenment and because of that fact you are the most important key in this whole process.

When the moment of choice is upon you to choose enlightenment and your heart is accordingly programmed, you will experience a huge activation in order to bring you to this enlightenment. Fix your focus firmly on your goals, go through the necessary processes which will lead you as far as your goal. You are entitled to know that a soul should make a certain choice in this important time-space moment so as to be able to handle this opportunity of enlightenment. Without a clear-cut choice for enlightenment there’s no chance of it coming to pass. And this choice should be made with all of your heart and all of your soul before continue working on this enlightenment. Persistance and force are necessary for you to take this immense leap and patience is a great virtue.

Patience for a gradual transition until one knows that his time to enlightenment is NOW complete and will take place. It all boils down to self-confidence coupled with the knowing that you are the process : You are transforming, You are transcending, You are fading out in one world and activating in another world,You are walking on all the roads that lead to the same source of enlightenment,You create yourself on Multi-dimensional worlds, You forgive, You forgive others, You lower yourself vibrationally or not and on the other side you forgive yourself or you don’t. This all points to the fact that You all bring yourselves to where You are now and that is a FACT.

There are no coincidences, there are no accidents, there is only a state of being. It is so and so it is! It is not by accident that you are here in this very special NOW moment on Earth, cooperating on this great Divine Plan. Speak your hearts NOW, beloveds, and listen carefully what this Divine spark tells you, for it contains the inner wisdom it has gathered throughout all your incarnations (whether human or otherwise), throughout multidimensional, parallel and planetary levels and in Omniversal Realities. It is the inner wisdom of the Divine spark which is your real self-image. Call on this spark now to bring you NOW to exploring your Self and to activate your true Being, fully integrated in your current consciousness.

This state of consciousness of yours will surpass everything experienced up until now for enormous proportions and dito gradations are received during this shift, those proportions/gradations have always seemed unreal. But I tell you all that nothing is unreal for the only unreality is thinking that something can be unreal. Only this created illusion contains a form of unreality, for it is based in human thinking and in taking the human thoughtforms as a reality. One fills one’s own pockets with unreal things fully knowing that this fact in itself will cause a setback over time.

Now you are given the opportunity to duly reverse the created worlds and dito thoughtforms and patterns once and for all. Each pattern has its own thoughtform which can, on the most inappropriate moments, haunt you : at least so it appears in thinking of it. Moreover, accepting that these thoughts are of your own making is often a stumbling block, it is even a denial of …

What has to happen now is the recognition of your own thoughtforms which make up your world and your vessels, forming them into what they are. Acknowledge those thoughtforms and use only those that you want to use and disconnect yourself from all others. You can observe  them as your own creations which are associated with you and which you feed. Stop feeding unhealthy issues and voilà : everything unhealthy will no longer block your path.

It requires the skill of constantly being able to rise above these petty issues, above those always returning thoughtpatterns,where mediation from your own light is required.. Your journey will now become increasingly enlightened : you are only progressing forward now and not even an inch backwards.

I would so like to see you join this enlightenment, this is my wish and the dream I so yearn will be realized for all of you. I AM Saint Germain, your prophet of this new Age and with all of my Love for humanity and your planet, I embrace you all! And so it is!

Saint Germain

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