Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Life is a Field of All Possibilities

The world of Consciousness is a Quantum Field of Possibilities that goes way beyond our human imagination. Many years ago when I was working on my Masters Degree, I entered a program of long meditation for one year doing up to twenty hours a day in meditation. I was researching Consciousness as a field of All Possibilities. My Consciousness in meditation expanded everything I knew about reality and I discovered the True Nature of the Inner Master.
The most dramatic experience I had that changed my view of reality forever was the experience of Yogic Flying. When we first learned about this technique from the Yoga Sutras, we were all skeptical that we could ever do it. I remember sitting like a rock for over a week. Nothing was happening. Then we heard that the ladies were all bouncing around the room in the first stage of Yogic Flying. We men were all so disappointed that the ladies could do it but we couldn’t.

This motivated us and something clicked deep inside. I could feel my body like an empty shell as if it were made of air. The sounds of birds in the trees outside the room felt as if they were inside of me, not outside as I normally heard them. Then I felt a rush of energy up my spine and my body flinched and hopped forward. I was shocked that from such a simple surge of energy, my body could move forward with my legs locked together in Lotus Position. It wasn’t real flying yet, but we were hopeful that now we were in stage one and could lift off the ground in a powerful hop. Everyone could do it. In fact a year later, both my mom and my dad learned the technique and could do it. They were both over Sixty years old.
A German photographer decided to pull out his camera during one of our sessions and took the photo above just as the three of us (I am in the middle) took off. My hair was flying in the breeze as we moved forward in a giant hop about a meter in the air. The photo captured us as we were coming down. It all happened so quickly.
Only on one occasion I managed to go to stage two where the body was airborne. I remember feeling the surge of energy up my spine and then suddenly I felt as if I was sitting on a swing. There was something supporting my body from beneath it. It lifted me into the air and before I knew what was happening I was moving up and up into the air rather than just hopping. Two hundred people witnessed it. The minute I realized what was happening, I remember thinking, “Oh my God! I am really flying!” Within seconds, I fell to the ground in shock. Amazing how just having a simple thought of disbelief and it was over.
Buddha said that everything that happens to us comes from our thoughts. If you can truly believe it, it can happen. Put your whole heart and full confidence in anything you do and it can become a reality. Reality is what you believe deep inside of you. You can choose to believe that there are limits to your life and that you can never change, or you can choose to believe that anything is possible. Our life is completely in our own hands. What you believe today will create your reality tomorrow.

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