Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ A Message from Sananda

Welcome Blessed Ones! Welcome! I AM Sananda!
Many of you are concerned with the events in your life. Many things will happen on your Path to Enlightenment. But be sure Dear Ones that you are on the right path at the right time! This is the time for transformation of Planet Earth!
The path of human destiny is full of difficulties. Even when you do the right thing you cannot avoid the difficulties. I tell you this from my own lives as the Lord Buddha and the Master Jesus. My life on Earth was not always pleasant! But it was a miraculous time for me. I kept on my path and followed my destiny without looking back or regretting anything that happened on the way. Like my life on Earth, you are also here to be an example to those around you that anyone in any condition can achieve Enlightenment in this life.

If your life were easy, others would say it was easy for you to get Enlightenment because your life was special. Most people believe that Enlightenment is difficult to achieve, particularly when their life is in pain. You are here to inspire them. When you overcome your difficulties and rise out of the mud, you will inspire many of your friends to believe that Enlightenment is possible for everyone.
If your path were easy, you probably would forget about your Spiritual Path and become infatuated with the many charms of material life. There would be no incentive to climb out of the mud and strive for your Enlightenment! Every challenge you face reminds you to look for something better, some way to improve your human condition and transform your world into the Divine Plan.
There are so many of you now carrying the message of a New Age of Enlightenment. Even when you forget why you are here and fall down in despair, you still hear a voice inside saying, “Get up dear one. Stay on your Path and you will get the Enlightenment you are seeking.”
Unlike any of your previous lives, others who are on this path are also here with you. You encourage each other and support each other when you fall down. Together you will change the world. Lord Michael has gathered many souls to enter into this life and remove the darkness that has followed humanity for thousands of years. You are one of those souls that volunteered to change the world. Did you expect it was going to be easy? Into the darkness we are born. We struggle and rise up over and over again, until the light shines within us. Then and only then can the darkness disappear. You are the only one who can find this light inside. The Masters can help encourage you. Your friends can help to support you. But only you can ignite the light that will change the world.
Do not give up, my Blessed Friends. We are with you. Your friends are all around you. We will not leave this world in darkness. We will be triumphant! There are only a few more steps to go. While they might feel difficult or even impossible, take your next step and do not hesitate. When you hesitate, you fall down under the weight of your own doubt. Rise up Dear Ones! The Time for Enlightenment has come! The darkness has already been lightened. Before you could not see your problems clearly. Now the light shines and you know what to do. Do it Dear Ones! Do it! The Time has Come!

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