Thursday, April 23, 2015

Emmanuel Dagher ~ Quadruple rainbow

A few days ago in New York, a rare sight appeared in the form of a quadruple rainbow. The word quickly began spreading, and it became one of the top global news trends of the week.
This might not sound like a big deal, however energetically speaking it is a very big deal.
A single rainbow has been a symbol of restoration, and new beginnings since the beginning of time. It also symbolizes peace and calmness which comes after a challenging time (like a storm.)
The recent quadruple rainbow is extra special because it signifies a time of great transformation, multiplied many fold. It means that whatever is coming our way will lead to an extraordinary new era in our lives filled with joy, good fortune, peace and fulfillment.
A rainbow is a confirmation from the Universe that we are about to have something miraculous enter our lives, so to see 4 of them at the same time, and for it to make global news...well you get the picture!

I love that the quadruple rainbow became global news, because every person who sees or reads about it immediately becomes blessed by the energies from it. So although maybe only a few hundred people may have seen it in person, now millions of people around the world are being drenched with its transformative energies.
I wanted to make sure our beautiful community also receives the energetic blessings of the quadruple rainbow, so I have added a picture of it for you. Allow yourself to absorb in the wonder of this rainbow, and if you feel guided to..I invite you to set a personal intention that you and those you share it with also receive its miraculous blessings.
Isn't it amazing how many magical things are available to us in nature?

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