Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Early Morning: A Gift from Mother Earth

Mother Earth is a great loving mother. She provides a safe home for all kinds of living beings: plants, animals, human beings, gods and angels. The Earth is a Temple where any being can find peace and love. In the early morning Mother Earth breathes a special Life Force or Pranic Energy just before daybreak. If you are awake an hour before daybreak, there is a gentle wind that moves across the Earth and wakes up the animals, particularly the birds, and nourishes all the plants. Yogis know to wake up at that time to practice Pranayama or special breathing exercises that will give them Life Force for the rest of the day.
Our modern life cycles are very inconsistent with the cycles of Nature so most of us never get up early enough to take advantage of this precious gift of Life Force. When the daybreaks and the sun appears, there is also a special energy in the Sunlight that stimulates every cell in our body to be rejuvenated. Taking a walk and breathing the early morning air and opening our cells to new life energy from the Sunlight is a great way to start the day.

All traditions of yoga know this time to be Brahma Muhurta, the hour of Divinity. It is the best time to meditate and do Pranayama. This is the time when the most Divine Nectar of Life Force is available. It is even ok if we wake up at that time and only do breathing exercises for five minutes and then a short meditation for fifteen minutes followed by returning to sleep. The quality of Life Force at that time is worth it.
As our life tunes into the Divine, our collective life and the cycles of activity will all change. We are entering an age when we will once again be aware of all the many subtle gifts the universe and our Mother Earth give to us. The hour of Divinity is only one of these many gifts that can help to change our life. Bless you!

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