Monday, March 24, 2014

Karen Doonan ~ Marriage in TRUTH

Many of you may be highly confused at a very human waking conscious mind level as to how the human race can move into a new way of BEing and of living and yet leave all that is the construct of the old 3D earth behind as it cannot be taken into the New Earth reality. In particular many of you may be highly confused as to the role of marriage within the New Earth.  I have received a number of emails questioning my own marriage and many emails that appear to filter  marriage out and place my change of name into the realms of frequency only.  Let me be very clear on the reason for my change of name and state that I have taken my husbands name for it is not TRUTH to build a new life, in a new reality holding on to the name that I was GIVEN within the old 3D earth created reality. It may make little logical sense to many to see me place a name that is relatively “unknown” and then not reference the very name that my work is linked to.  I would remind gently that logic has NO place in the unfolding of the New Earth reality. I took my husbands name as it is a reflection of the LOVE that we share at all levels of our BEing, to separate our names  would be to dismiss the frequency of the LOVE that IS that runs through, around and within us in relation to each other.

Marriage is multi level and the old 3D earth created reality has sought to distort everything about the actual marriage ceremony including the vows that are shared between husband and wife.  Many within the old 3D earth created reality allow the distortions to move them away from the very heart of the marriage, that is the legal representation within the outer waking reality of the LOVE that IS that runs between the couple.  How many of you have the experience of a wedding being planned and then it being taken over by relatives or by dramas that play out in relation to who can sit next to who and who will not attend due to someone else attending. All is created to take the focus AWAY from the HEART space of the couple involved. The actual VOWS that are shared between husband and wife are sacred and many filter out the energetic effect of all those who are there listening and interacting with the vows being stated. The old 3D earth reality working to filter out that in a traditional wedding the husband and wife are sharing their vows with their respective families, the vows are sacred to the COUPLE, they are sharing their love WITH EACH OTHER, so why would their respective families be there to share this also?
ALL ARE ONE, ENERGY JUST IS and energy flows at all times, the energetic exchange in this example is then distorted by the energy signatures that are sharing the experience.  Everything that is in place with regard to the actual ceremony is created in order to dis-empower both the human male and the human female (in a traditional wedding).  From the father “giving away” his daughter to some versions of the wedding vows that state “promise to love, honour and OBEY”.  Very often the actual vows are filtered out, the emphasis being on flower arrangements and how many bridesmaids to have.  I would guide you all to look very closely from a frequency perspective (that is by FEELing the vibration of each part of the ceremony) of all that is involved and begin to question and to CHANGE it, for those of you who are in the position of getting married have more freedom and leeway than the old 3D earth created reality will show you. You can ALTER your vows, you can choose to say the vows privately between both of you without anyone else being there, there is much room for creativity. For those of you who feel hemmed in by the ceremony and the wishes of your “families” I would again remind you gently you are not marrying the family, you are marrying the person who you are in LOVE WITH. Be at ALL times guided by how you FEEL and when you FEEL the lower dimensional frequencies pulling at your energy signature ask to be shown how to dissolve them and to create from the New Earth energies.  For creation of the New Earth is in relation to ALL parts of the human life experience and is done by gently altering that which is in place to reflect TRUTH, for TRUTH JUST IS and YOU ARE.
I would also like to highlight the many teachings of distortion that exist within much of the spiritual arena and clearly state that my husband is NOT my twin flame.  Many of you may assume that he is, I have not somehow managed to bypass the twin flame distorted teaching, indeed I have had to walk TRUTH at all moments of all moments and I have dissolved more than one twin flame energy en route, it is not TRUTH that there is only one twin flame energy within the old 3D earth created reality, as the twin flame distortion is a construct there may be many.  This works to keep both parties involved in an energetic “tug of war”, continually triggering and distorting their energy signatures and this PREVENTS  expansion in TRUTH, for TRUTH JUST IS. I would guide you to look carefully and to FEEL TRUTH in relation to this concept for many are highly triggered and many seek to defend their “twin flame” relationships, anything that you are provoked into defending is a teaching of the old 3D earth that seeks to remain hidden deep within your energy signature.
LOVE in TRUTH is a frequency like no other, it is a KNOWING like no other and the LOVE that IS requires NO SACRIFICE, sacrifice for love is a distortion that was created in order to contain and suppress your energy signature within the old 3D earth reality. The LOVE that IS seeks to expand and amplify BOTH the human male and the human female who share this frequency at HEART LEVEL through, within and around each other.  This is a frequency that is created by opening the heart space fully and allowing SELF to sing your note clearly. There are 7 billion people on planet earth, the old 3D earth created reality seeks to teach you that finding the love of your life is like looking for a needle in a haystack and seeks to present you with a puzzle you need to solve.  There is no puzzle for LOVE JUST IS and you are “coded” as is the person who you have agreed PRIOR to incarnation to share your human life with. This in the UNIVERSE of 3 is 1 + 1=3.   One whole balanced frequency will resonate with its respective whole balanced frequency and together they will amplify and expand to create a third supportive frequency. This is highly distorted within the old 3D earth created reality and I will be placing further information on the main Crystalline Sanctuary website to explain and help further.

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