Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Website of Méline is launched ♥

Hi sweet friends!!
Today my new Website is finally launched and available for you all to visit ♥ I would Love to welcome you there and to connect with you ♥
Note that my old blog will not be used anymore, so please check out my new website! Hope to see you all there ♥

welcome you all dearly on my Website ♥ I AM thrilled and honored to share this journey with you all in this exceptional time we are in. I have created this website to offer my gifts through services and assistance, where guidance or support is needed. We all have inherent gifts and abilities lingering in ourselves, but sometimes until we can activate and access those, a helping hand can be a welcomed gift. Even for those of us who have awakened their gifts, a guidance from a neutral position is welcomed as we are often immersed in our personal issues and journeys that we are unable to “see” the clarity we so yearn for.
This website is created with Love and Lightcodes through the intention of being of service to Gaia and to Humanity. At present Humanity is transcending the HUmanity level and shifting into HUEmanity.. Hue = God, Man = Mind. Therefore, Hueman = Godmind HUEmanity also stands for the new vessels and the new “race” we are becoming as it represents the embodying of Godmind being God vessels, being the vessels for our FULL consciousness. It is a broader spectrum than being HUman. We are shifting from Human doing into human Being, from the mind to the heart ♥
It is my heart’s intention to help your heart to open up through my service work so that you can continue on your path. This, not by making you depending on the abilities of others or of myself, but exactly the opposite: by giving that little push to be able to depend on your own inner Self and intuition, by assisting in the opening of the heart so that Self Love emerges. Self Love IS KEY here and no other outer Sources but YOU. You have all inside of you!
My Channeling work is given from the heart for as long as it can assist you on your path and for as long as there is a resonance with your own heart and energy field. These are merely general messages that apply to the Collective, you will always take out of these messages what you need on your journey.
There will be free tools and products given on a regular basis along with special offerings and packages, discounts now and then concerning the payed products.
The beautiful pictures of orbs and Light Rays that you will often find on this website are pictures from Gretchen Ray Guskey. She is a beautiful heart that often lingers in nature and the result of her connection with her Self and nature is obvious through these pictures. Thank you Gretchen for allowing me to use your pictures ♥

I hope you will enjoy this website and that my energies can assist you on your journey. With Love, Méline ♥
Much love,


  1. Awesome! Are all your posts going to be on that website now or are you going to keep this blog and also post here?

  2. I will use both and keep the Pleiadedolphininfos online, so will be sharing on this blog as well.. but only the channeled messages :) much love