Saturday, March 8, 2014

Launch of official new website on March 11, 2014 !!


On March 11, 2014 I will launch my new website ~ The old blog of will make place for the new website that is worked out with channelings, reading services and tools, attunements, activation, light language , e-books and so on. I start with some products and services made available to you all, and much more will come as I am working on courses and tools, E-books. There will be offered some free tools as well and cheaper services, special offerings so that there is always something for everyone to access as an assistance on their path and journey ~ So please do check it out on March 11 ~ The website is still in building mode today but available and online that day ~ Global meditations such as the one we did for Glastonbury will be found on this website as well as I have created a new one to focus on Japan ~ THis change is the result of the start of my self – employment in this service work. The past 2 years of free services and donation services have served me and many of you well and I have done this by heart ~ Now the time has come to shift into the self employment in this service work to support my life as a single mom of 3 small children. ~ Looking forward to it and hope to see you all there!!!! the new website will be
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  1. We'll be there! Much love, hugs!

    Aguila # 1

  2. Congratulations,Meline. A website to make money is a true new earth idea...bunch of "lightworkers" are supporting yo:-)

  3. Fantastic news dear Meline . You wil be supported by all forces of Love & Light . Namaste

  4. A very nice website indeed, Meline! Easy navigation, wonderful design and proper hierarchy of elements make it such an eye candy for anyone who visits your website. By the way, have you ever thought of promoting your website in other mediums as well?

    Joshua Roberson