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Lucas – A Few Thoughts And Concerns Expressed – 6 March 2014

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Making Concerns really known to people is mostly not taken the right way. Of course listen or not as it is a free choice for all. Making things known has some implications also and that comes with the job of seeing the bigger picture and also pointing certain things out to people. Not only government stooges and paid for trolls are used to make big waves and disrupt things in every way they can when things said or pointed out or published on internet or via videos or are talked about on radio. Trolls and stooges are just a half truth as often another hidden truth is not shown. Lots of ideas, projects  even are full of misinformation or information is not disclosed, things are not transparent for all to see as still things need to be secret or hidden for a reason to you unknown. Sometimes even the intent behind all was not pure, or turned from pure in the making it happen phase to sour and corrupted.This happens mostly if funding, investment, money and control or old paradigm stuff gets taking over.

Some real concerns for me lately are the possible traps people are maybe falling in again. I give some examples. Exchanging energy instead of any other exchange mechanism with a representation of value, for instance money, is a great real possible concept. If you get deeper into what already is out there in new quantum physics and theories you will see and know it is possible. The only thing is things can not be seen without a context. It is upon this earth that is transitioning into a new paradigm not really common sense to expect 6.99 billion people who still really feel the control of the old system to see that concept and work with it. If people are not able to have basics met and worry about money, shelter, food, warmth, health, water, etc, it is of course not really your priority. You can choose to leave all behind that can not make it and say that is your problem. In this I differ with lots. I am seeing that only a transition can be made if those frontrunners would also know that we need to help and support others to become free enough of all the basic needs and free of the control to go educate themselves and make a real switch and maybe grasp that concept. Putting out there tools in knowing it will not work as the old system will still not allow it to be is playing with 6.99 billion people.  The intent maybe right still it does not work out. So make things available that are really helpful and work for all humanity or just say it is a theory.  Do not sell hope and belief again and lead people!
I also see the argument of possible misuse and abuse of power in the consciousness discussion.  There are conscious devices out there that are called humans. All is within the humans available. Still tapping into that state of consciousness is as explained also a process, a road that has some obstacles on it to master. We as humans have been for a very long time kept into a not fully conscious state. The almost lethargic state is induced and kept by manipulation, education, mind control, control of your physical well-being, control of your environment, control over communications, control over your basic needs and control of your freedom to be, do and go.  If is told some have the consciousness to work a certain device that helps them to have free energy it is easily getting into a slippery slope of control again. That means those not yet in that state could be subject to manipulation and control again.
In my view the way forward is by seeing that we do not want new enclosures, new elites that know and can do, but we need people seeing the path is a shared path we all go as individuals. We need to help and support those not able yet in their personal process and the reality of the now to make their burdens eased. We are not here to manipulate or control others again which can be easily done if people who get it are grouping up to (re-)condition people instead of acknowledging all humans to have their own inner-transit process. All is still also a free choice.
So be aware of the still possible traps or maybe for some incentives to get manipulating and controlling others. It is not really of this paradigm anymore. In saying that,  lots are working on their transitioning process into the new and have their ups and downs and learning curves. It is great if you consciously and with common sense are seeing things on your path. We all will be learning and experiencing in all sorts of perceptions of the now. Still beware of that what you are not wanting anymore… do not create it again or tap into it as that is so easy.
We are here upon this world to support and help each other to make it happen for us all as individual creator beings to transition into our new paradigm. Some still are playing the ugly old duality games but all of that will slowly find its way back into balance and polarity becomes back the 2 that make 1 in a peaceful, harmonious and loving way. If have compassion for those that still ignore transitioning is for all of us or even think to keep the old paradigm going for their own interest, power and money. Balance your own polarities into neutral and see your heart source connection. It all will become clear. You heart will lead you always and no leader or controller, guru, or belief system needed for that.
Love and Light for all humanity in balance and abundance, We are so very close to completion.
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