Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Karen Doonan ~ The Breaking of the ANCIENT SEAL

Many of you at this moment are working to find balance and to find some sort of resonance with the New Earth energies as they now heighten considerably and  begin their expansion in TRUTH. At a very human conscious waking mind level this is manifesting as a NEED to let go but also as a resistance to this very need. It is akin to being pulled in two directions at once and this analogy is given deliberately. For you cannot have one foot as it were in each reality, you are asked by YOUr SOUL at this time to FULLY align with TRUTH and to let go, this is the letting go of EVERYTHING you have been TAUGHT that creates your outer waking reality. Many of you may be reading my words and THINKing “ok so how on earth do I let go, how does that work?” and then allowing your human logical mind to persuade you that you need to do A, B , C etc.  Its the hold the mind has on your reality that you are asked to let go of, the human logical mind having NO reference point at all for the BREAKING OF THE ANCIENT SEAL.
The expansion that now asks to be birthed upon and within planet earth is an expansion that is BEYOND anything that you in a human form upon this planet will ever have experienced. The prevention always due to the containment and suppression of planet earth’s energy signature and this filtered through and into the human vehicle, for the human vehicle is aligned with the planet earth and the energy signature of said planet. Many filter this TRUTH out and it is one thing to state that you are ready for expansion at a human level but quite another to align with the expansion of the planet, for the ascension process is a process that has been DEFINED for the the human race. Again many filter this out, the definition of ANYTHING is a containment, for the human logical mind cannot understand let alone accept expansion unless it has experienced said expansion. It is a bit like describing snow to someone who has lived only in a hot country and has never seen snow nor experienced it.  Imagine one day they wake up and they are faced with 10 feet of snow, to those of you reading this blog who encounter snow and lots of it this would be no problem, you would HAVE the reference points needed, what to do, how to react etc. However the person who has never encountered the snow, never seen it before would have NO reference point and their human logical mind would go into a sort of panic.   This makes no sense to the person who has experience just as the snow makes no sense to the person who has no experience. The snow in this analogy JUST IS, it is the programmed response that I am illuminating for you.  The REACTION to an experience is what you have been TAUGHT and this is now coming up for full release.
Many of you may state that you are open to the LOVE that IS but you also seek to define the LOVE that IS, it is undefinable, for it JUST IS but this is not acceptable to your human logical mind which will try to reference and to store it, to file it somewhere. What you are being asked at this moment is to EXPERIENCE the LOVE that IS and then create the reference point for the experience. As with my analogy of the snow, it will depend why you are incarnate on this planet how much you allow yourself to experience and will depend on the frequency of your human vehicle HOW you experience the LOVE that IS. The more open and flowing you can be the more intense the experience but at this moment many of you are continually seeking to define. This works against you for experience JUST IS, the old 3d earth created reality has TAUGHT you to continually reference your life. Those of you who use social network platforms being trained by the old 3d earth created reality to present your life in a written format. Life is to be LIVED not described nor debated or you would not have incarnated into a human vehicle that is capable of movement and interaction at a physical level with other human vehicles.
It may appear that social network platforms are “social” but they actually work to contain and suppress social interactivity with the human eyes only referencing what is placed on a page on a website. This is not EXPERIENCE, this is reference. You are not here to reference your human life on this planet, you are here to EXPERIENCE and this is always through the HEART space for the HEART is the space that you FEEL, reference points for the experience are then created in the human logical mind. The old 3d earth created reality at all times seeking to teach you to bypass the heart and skip straight to the referencing. This is done deliberately to keep you from connecting out to your SOUL which allows for further expansion and allows you to experience human life in both a multi dimensional and inter dimensional level.
The SEAL that was placed upon the planet earth’s energy signature to prevent expansion is now BREAKING FULLY and as this SEAL breaks then the expansion of the human race now begins in TRUTH for only with the full vibrational support of the planet earth can you at a human conscious level begin to expand and to rise in frequency.  The planet earth’s energy signature is needed to help support the energy signature of 7 billion human vehicles upon and within the planet. As the SEAL breaks then ALL that is TAUGHT to you and is still anchored at cellular level within your human vehicle will begin to arise as the frequency of the LOVE that IS does not resonate with ANY of the old 3d earth created reality frequencies.  This creates a VOID in which you are asked to both dissolve and to anchor, the old 3d earth created reality akin to a bully in the playground, it may shout louder than the New Earth frequencies and you may be lulled into a sort of false sense of security for it may make many promises, “come back and it will be different, this is  safe place if you just try harder etc”.  None of this is TRUTH and this can be worked out by the FREQUENCY and how it FEELS to you.  It CANNOT be worked out by the logical mind alone and attempts to do this will see you in anxiety and chaos, attempting to work out a puzzle that in TRUTH does not exist.
puzzle mind
It may seem daunting at this moment in your waking life to walk into a part of the picture that you cannot see yet you can FEEL, it may seem daunting to move out of comfort zones but your waking reality can only expand as you expand your energy signature. No matter how illogical it may seem to you the movement is in ALL directions at once, it is not forward only and attempts at controlling the energies that now flood into and across the planet will see you swing wildly out of balance.  Many of you are holding on to the life that you came here ORIGINALLY to live and trying to see the new and then let it in. This is back to front, in order to allow new fresh higher dimensional frequencies to flow into and around and through you, then you must let go of the lower dimensional frequencies and I mean let go, not keep in sight until the last moment.
You came here to experience a new way of living, a new way of BEing and that is not under the “rules” of anyone or anything.  TRUST and FAITH in SELF is paramount at this moment for many would seek to pull you out of balance in an attempt to try to balance themselves. ONLY YOU EXPERIENCE THIS YOUR HUMAN LIFE, no one else. If you FEEL it is correct then IT IS no matter what others try to convince you of for they are not YOU.

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