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Lucas – Unity A Work In Progress – 9 March 2014

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/08/3D_Full_Spectrum_Unity_Holding_Hands_Concept.jpg/240px-3D_Full_Spectrum_Unity_Holding_Hands_Concept.jpgFrom lots of perspectives seen unity is still a concept that is seen as an outside ourselves not to grasp thing.  Unity is a word often abused to grow into attachment to something again. The belonging to. The being part of.  Unity and uniting starts within in seeing all the attachments to the old structures, beliefs, patterns, dogmas, etc, and all are just a little whispers in the wind that will faith away if you can let go of it.
The uniting is found in the intricate knowing all is already united in its origin from ONE and within us. It is only perceived, manipulated and even re-created in structures thought of to be needed to be uniting or being one or in oneness. It is not. There is only the balance of your inner-self connected with source that will bring unity within and therefore also unity on that outer realm of being your true being.

The ones still attached to certain things or beliefs or thoughts will group up and make a forest of individual trees that will show up as a separated entity. It will show the root cause of perception change that is needed to trickle through with most still out there.  We are already a forest without that is interconnected with all and everything. We need no structure or thought construct to say we are. It is the one seeing only a forest instead of individual trees that just all make up that forest without calling it that.
Understanding unity as being all of you uniting within by balancing out the polarities is what will bring the unity for all back again if we are all getting to that balance point. Oneness can not be taught or made to be nor can unity be.  It is about all of you going through your own processes to unite within. We can help and support each other with that but not force it upon others nor do it for some one to make it happen.
We see lots of examples again of waving flags to group up and unite behind. That is again just forgetting about what uniting is really about. No more circles drawn into the sand visible or invisible.  No more limitations again or structures. We are here to be knowing we are individual creator beings. We came here to master our polarities into balance and unite within that what was separated into extreme. We will from our own inner unity be able to work together with all as there is no conflict anymore.
The choice is up to you to decide to group up and wave a flag of many flags again or be the unity within and BE that what needs not to be instated in a form as it is not necessary or compulsory to unite. We are going for old habits and they die not easy. It is about seeing you inner power and strength not still searched on the outside. Feel it and work with it. See your attachments and all that stuff still swung into extreme. You can work on it. It is a process for all of us individually.
The story of us uniting is in progress as the energies are making waves of mirrors and opportunities to grown further in inner-unity and balance within. The pendulum is swinging still but it is on all sorts of levels finding more often the balance.  We are not far away from freezing the balance into stationary as all will be out of extreme then. Keep in mind we all will finish together no one exempt.
Let your inner-uniting process show you your path and let you heart tell you your directions. We are nearly there.
Love and Light,
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