Thursday, February 14, 2013

Magatha from Agartha ~You and your planet are surrounded by many beings who are eager to aid you~ As channeled by Méline Lafont

14 February 2013

Greetings, my beloved brethren of Earth, I Am Magatha of the Agarthan civilization. I am well aware that a rather great lapse in time has passed in your Earth time in which I have not presented myself and for that I apologize. I will explain now why this has been the case.

My dear Brethren of Earth, a lot is now in the process of shifting in your reality: mountains are litterally being moved as it were just to put the whole process in motion towards global Ascension and Disclosure. All those processes have now again speeded up to full development and consequently require an enormous support from all of us towards all of you and towards Gaia. Since these processes are all so intense for all of you, our advantitious assistance in the matter is more than welcome and needed as a lot will duly be achieved in this now moment.

Numerous interventions have occurred by all of us, not just by the Masters of Light but also by the subterranean crew dwelling within beloved Mother Earth and more specifically by our civilization. As we have previously informed all of you, we would assist you in this process and help you wherever we can and we will honor our promise.You and your planet are surrounded by many beings who are eager to aid you through all possible colours and energies which in themselves benefit your evolution in the Light.

We feel tremendous shifts taking place and even actually manifest themselves and we are overjoyed over this as this will entail the possibility for renewal and for manifestation. The energies are thrown in your lap as it were and this is what you do with it: it is completely in your hands. We are very grateful for the many patient and trusting light souls whom are not giving up despite the strenuous and exhausting energies and events, a fact for which they will amply be rewarded. The first visible rewards are now in full view and many souls are heartened by that, it gives them the courage to persevere.

We are all enormously plied for this whole event and we can be proud and overjoyed by what has been achieved thus far by all of you. A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes by the entire galaxy and by the lightbeings stationed on your planet : the higher realms as well as our subterranean civilization are involved in hard labour to finalize it all. At present we have arrived at this stage in which everything comes to the surface and becomes visible so notice the movements as they are occurring and keep in mind that everything will manifest speedily and you only need a positive, loving attitude to cope with it.

There is no reason whatsoever to go into a panic; everything is under control and will remain that way as long as the collective of humanity stays trusting and emits only thoughts and feelings of Love from their hearts. That’s why it is necessary to keep your cool and to continue focussing only on your inner enrichtment and on your enlightenment. Keep centered in the coming days and consider everything that you see around you as a movie that is being played; it is not real, it cannot touch you and it cannot pull you back in the flow so to speak. There is only the process of renewal which is real and which is for the good of all.

Keep grounding yourself and we will connect you with our troops of the Light, with our energies and with our accompaniment. We hear the calls of all of you and we assist you in thought from the heart. Do not be afraid of what is to come, everything is beautifully worked out in the best interest for all of you, but the truth is inevitable and it is unfolding NOW!

In Love and gratitude, till our next encounter. Magatha from Agartha.

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