Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Gaining the Support of the Universe

The universe is Fully Conscious! In fact the consciousness of the universe is like the ocean and our consciousness is like the wave. We are one with the universe at all times! Even when we make mistakes or lose our temper, the universe moves with us and in some way wants to help us. If we can merge our wave with the mighty ocean, the whole ocean moves through everything we desire. When our consciousness is one with the consciousness of the universe, every desire we have is in harmony with the universe and the universe moves to create it for us. We call this gaining the support from the universe.
Why does it look like the universe is separate from us and makes our life difficult? We created the separation by deciding that we can do it our self. This is ego. Ego is useful to determine the direction of our desire. But when we think that the universe is our enemy or is separate from us, then we meet resistance and nothing works.

When we meditate, our ego melts into the infinite silence deep inside and merges with the consciousness of the universe. When we come out of meditation, our ego returns but this time we bring the silent consciousness of the universe out with us. When you come out of meditation, bring the silence out with you. Don’t feel like you are leaving meditation behind. Bring the meditation out with you. When you bring the meditation into your life each day, the wave and the ocean are connected.
Real meditation teaches us how to be both the individual consciousness of the wave and remain connected to the ocean at the same time. We call this permanent meditation or Enlightenment. In Enlightenment we are the ocean functioning through the wave. The entire power of the universe is behind everything we do. We become the living embodiment or vehicle of the universe.
We were originally one with the universe. We just forgot this oneness and lost our natural ability to move as the ocean of consciousness. We focused so much on our daily life that we forgot the infinite oneness inside of us. Looking inside our self during meditation allows us to rediscover our natural connection to the infinite. Consciously reconnecting to this ocean of consciousness restores our balance with all life and brings harmony and success to everything we do. What once looked like being separate from the universe transforms into oneness again and life becomes infinitely powerful. The universe says YES to everything we desire.
You can change your reality today by realizing that what you think is supported by the universal consciousness inside of you. Let go of your ego and start to see your life as an expression of the universe emanating from inside of your self. Gain support from the universe by becoming one with the inner silence and bringing it into your life. Start this today and see the difference it makes in your life.

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