Monday, November 17, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ What is the Difference Between Heart and Mind?

The mind is our computer. The heart is the user for this computer. The computer mind gathers and remembers all the things we have learned. It relies on past experience and past knowledge to make its decisions. The mind cannot make decisions if the information is not already stored in the computer. The computer mind is cold and lifeless. It has no idea what to do without a previous program installed in it to tell it what to do.
The heart is alive and warm. It is full of feelings and love. The heart is the very center for our life. We can say that the heart is the home or residing place of our soul and our Higher Self. Our Consciousness resides in the heart not in the mind. Consciousness looks through the window of the mind and makes choices. Consciousness in the heart is the user of the computer mind. The heart feels and intuits our direction in life. These feelings generate ideas and inspirations in our mind that we can act on.

How do I know if I am listening to my heart? Your heart will feel warm in your chest and move your desires to do something. Any thoughts that you have are generated by your mind. The heart never thinks with words. The heart can only feel and generate a sense of knowingness or desire. Follow your feelings and allow your mind to interpret them. This takes practice! When we follow a train of thought for too long, we lose contact with our heart and our ideas get cold and mental. Feel everything that you do. Let your mind follow those feelings and treat them with love and patience. Gradually the guidance of the heart becomes clear and we can make more healthy choices. Feel first, think later! If you can feel it, it is real. If you can’t feel it, it is just a bundle of words in your mind that have no substance in reality.
Following your feelings is the same as discovering your power and your energy or Life Force. Put love in everything you do and it will materialize. Put only empty thoughts with no feeling into what you do and the result will be only empty mental ideas with no outcome in reality. Feelings guide us to the great discovery of our true power and our true nature. Feelings guide us to our Enlightenment and to the discovery of a field of Infinite Possibilities. When we use only our mind, we will face constant limitations and frustration. Follow your Heart not your mind. The Heart is alive and fully conscious, while the mind is only a computer that function out of habit. When the heart becomes the user of the computer mind, all possibilities will appear and life becomes exciting.

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