Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ When Troubles Come, Go to Mother Earth for Her Assistance

As a human being we are often troubled for no reason. We wake up one day and don’t want to do anything. On some days we feel so negative that we don’t want to see anyone and just want to be alone in our misery. At those times we feel that there is nothing we can do to feel better. We forget that we are not alone. We forget that our body and our life come from the Earth and that the Earth is our Mother. Mother Earth has been ignored for so long that we all forget she is here to help us. When troubles come, turn to your Mother in the Earth and ask for her assistance!
As long as there have been human beings, there has also been our Mother in the Earth watching over us. She has seen everything that we have done since the very beginning of Time. She has seen the worst side of human behavior, but she is still our Mother and will do anything she can to help us.

If you need energy, she will give it to you. If you are feeling anger or negative emotions, you can give them to her and she will receive them with love. Mother Earth is the best mother we could ever hope for. She is full of so much love and understanding for us as human beings. No matter how bad we have been, no matter how long we have forgotten to acknowledge her, she is ready to receive us as one of her children and help us with all her heart.
When your energy is low or you are feeling depressed, go to Mother Earth and ask her to give you empowerment. Put your hands on the ground or hug a tree. Feel the energy coming into your body. Bring the energy through your arms and into your heart. Feel this energy coming directly into your body from the immense body of Mother Earth. Absorb this energy into your body for ten minutes and say thank you when you are finished.
When all of your troubles get to you and you feel so upset that you just want to scream, remember that you are not alone. Remember that your Mother Earth is right there with you and really wants to comfort you no matter how awful you are feeling. She will never reject you! Go to Mother Earth and put your hands on the ground. Feel your anger and all your negative emotions and ask Mother Earth to take them from you. Send all your negative energy into the ground and let it go. Allow Mother Earth to receive it from you and transform it into renewed Life Force. She is a wonderful magician who can transform negative energy into positive creative Life Force and bring renewal to everything in Nature. Do not be afraid of her. She is ready to receive even the worst things you have buried in your heart. All you have to do is let go and give them to her. She is our Mother in Earth. She is not in Heaven. She is right here with us every day. She is truly the best Mother we could ever want. She is ready to help you right now. Go to her and ask for her help. Don’t forget to say thank you!

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