Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Solara in Tongariki


Many of us have been taking a good, clear look at ourselves and our immediate environment in order to see what parts of our old lives are still useful for us and which ones are now ready to be released. We are not only taking stock of the things around us, but of our old dreams, values and priorities. As we look at everything with fresh eyes, we can see that many of them are no long valid for us.

We are feeling a strong sense of finality and completion. We know that we can never return to our old lives. The last bridges to our past have burned behind us, plunging us into ever deeper states of NO DOWN - NO RETURN. We also feel the long procession of people who've passed through our lives and touched us deeply, molding who we are. Some of them have now left the planet; some have long disappeared from our lives and others we will probably never see again. Now we are saying a final, deeply poignant, farewell to the people and elements that have left our lives.

The final chapter of the book of our old life not only has been written, but the entire book seems to have disappeared along the way. We may remember some of our old stories, just like we might remember the plot of a movie we loved or the memory of a past lifetime, but there's the unquestionable knowingness that the past has faded away, never to return.

Once we start living True Lives as True Ones, our entire journey, not only of this lifetime, but our entire cycle of earthly embodiments, now fully moves into the Expanded HERE and NOW. The Past and Future no longer exist.

Our True Homes are the point of convergence between what we previously perceived as our personal lives and our spiritual path. Once we are living in our True Home, we discover that our personal lives and spiritual paths are no longer separate and have now merged into a completely new way of being. Our most spiritual endeavors at this moment are also the most practical ones. (Just like the old saying, "The Buddha is found chopping wood and fetching water.") The simple act of living a True Life as a True One is deeply fulfilling on the most intimate personal level while serving an infinitely larger purpose.

November emphasizes bringing many things to completion while taking a good clear look at where we are now and adjusting our inner being and outer life to the profound changes we are experiencing. We will shed more layers of our old lives and old perceptions, as well as any remaining weariness we have accumulated, while feeling increasingly comfortable and at home in the New Landscape.

The emphasis of the MEGA RESET is the releasing of our old environment and the moving into our True Position until our beings are completely RESET to the frequencies of the New Landscape. This MEGA RESET will finally unhook many of us from our old environments, from all the expired elements which still clutter our lives and from duality itself. It will act as a homing beacon to lead us to our True Positions and True Homes with our True People.

All the profound changes that took place in this wondrous Windhorse Year have created a brilliant foundation for a totally New Beginning. November will bring us even more amazing possibilities as more elements click into position and we move closer to our True Positions and True Homes. We are all surfing an immense wave of Honest Trueness and it is taking us to where we are truly meant to be.

The next few months are deeply creative as we all have the opportunity to completely recreate our lives to be aligned with who we really are. New ways of living True Lives are being birthed, latent talents are becoming visible and previously unaccessed depths of our beings are rising to the outer surface. An ancient tiredness is leaving us and the planet. Something huge is definitely happening on planet Earth right now. Yet, at the same time, we feel a deep, grounded calmness, with a renewed focus on the practical and ready for action.

The time for manifesting the Ultra Greater Reality on the physical is finally here. Our true core beings are becoming increasingly visible and our outer landscape is starting to mirror this heightened Trueness. The fruition of all we have worked for during our long cycle of embodiments is now becoming visible, viable, real and super alive. And for that, we can only be deeply grateful....

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