Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ A Message from Maria

Dear souls on Earth! I come to you today to bring you my greatest love and compassion! I see how much you are changing and rising up to the light of Divine Glory and finding your Enlightenment! Your Life is more successful than you can possibly know. You have all done so much for your family, your ancestors and your world. This is the life you have been waiting for! In this life, no matter how mundane it appears to you, you will rise into the Light and experience Cosmic Love for all Eternity. You will bless your family with this Light and with this Love and set them free to join you for all Eternity. You are the Promised One! You are the first of your kind to face the problems that generations before you failed to solve. We are here for you. We send you our blessings daily and stand by you through your most difficult challenges. You are greatly loved by us and even more loved by all the past generations of your family.
How much you are loved by us, can be taken into your heart right now. Bring in the Light! Feel the Cosmic Love surrounding you and giving you the strength to continue. There are only a few more steps to go before you are complete!

Do you know that the most difficult challenges are always the last ones to face? If you can face them with joy, you will pass the final test.
What is the final test? It is the challenge that makes you think, “I cannot do this!” Every time you think you cannot do this, we are whispering to you, “Keep going! You are nearly finished. We love you so much and want to see the smile on your face when you have finally done it.
How can you pass the final test? Love your self with all your heart and take the next step. When your heart is full of love, you will remember that you are not alone. All of your ancestors are cheering you on to take the next step and accomplish what they could never do. Once the door to the solution for this challenge is opened, then all of your ancestors will rejoice and join you on your journey into Heaven.
Heavens Door is open now. We are waiting for you to take the next step and set your self and all of your family Free!
I give you my message with Love. I place this Love in your heart for you to have confidence that all is well and rightly placed in your life. Remember, my darling children, that you are loved so much that your reward will be among the greatest achievements that have ever taken a soul to Heaven! I give you my Eternal Blessings with all of my Love. You are among the greatest of all my children! I love you so much! Blessings to you! I Am Maria!

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