Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bob Fickes ~Beauty and the Beast

I went to see the French movie La Belle et La Bete, Beauty and the Beast. It moved me so deeply! I was struck by the human condition that we all live in everyday. As a human we want to be good, but somehow our human emotions control us. Human beings are violent by nature. We have a past that accepts our negative actions and automatically express our violence without thinking. Now is the time to overcome our negative responses and move to a higher level. Only love can set us free!
Beauty and the Beast shows us the worst side of our masculine nature. Man thinks he is right and had been trained to believe that he is right because he thinks he is right. We don’t look at what we do. When we are “right” it doesn’t matter if the people we affect are in pain. Our mind tells us we are right, so it is right! Our behavior is wrong.

The hero in this move kills a deer and discovers that the deer is really a divine being, an angel disguised in the form of a deer. But the deer calls out to the heavens, “please forgive him!” The universe has compassion and transforms the man into a hideous beast. Only love can save him.
Belle is the embodiment of goodness and the way to Enlightenment. She meets the beast and learns to love him. She can see he is a beast on the outside but his heart is good.. Because he is a beast, he cannot control his emotions and acts out his animal his animal instincts automatically. Every time he regrets what he has done and strives to be good. It is Belle that can save him from his bestial nature. Love is his savior.
In the end, he tells Belle that only her love can help to set him free of his animal nature. Love brings us to the highest ideal of being human. Love helps us to rise above our material nature and find Enlightenment.
In the last scene Belle wants to save the Beast but has to crawl through the brambles cutting her skin and fights her way back to the Beast. She does not mind the pain that she must endure. She only knows one thing: find the Beast and give him love. Finally she finds the Beast and kisses him with all her heart. Love transforms him back to a handsome Prince and they live happily ever after.
Mother Earth accepts our human mistakes and even our destruction of the world around us. We are killing Nature but still She forgives us and continues to love us until we find the right way. We are so lucky that our Mother Earth really loves us unconditionally no matter how much we destroy her.
We are now at the end of our journey through destructive emotions. It is time for us to realize that love can save us and transform our behavior into the Divine. Human beings are challenged now to see what we are doing and correct our behavior into compassion and love. Only this will create a world of Enlightenment. Meditate and release our karma.
Come out of meditation and be mindful of everything we do. Be more loving and compassionate to all living beings. Put aside our thoughts of being right and see what we can do to give more love and goodness to those around us. It doesn’t matter who is right. It only matters what is the most loving thing we can do. Let’s all do better from today and create a new world where everyone is happy. This is the only way we can change the horror of our human past into a more beautiful world. If we can do this, we will all live happily ever after and every generation in the future will live in a happier and more enlightened world.

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