Monday, November 10, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Lotus Mantra: Opening to your Feminine Power

This is the Age of the Feminine. It is the time when human logic and thinking needs to be supervised and guided by the heart. During this Age, it is the women who will be the first to open to their full power and gain their Enlightenment. For the first time in human history there is a Mantra designed just for women. We call it the Lotus Mantra.
Hundreds of women have already learned the Lotus Mantra through Tomoko Abe and have begun to experience powerful results that are changing their life. The Lotus Mantra awakens the Divine Feminine that has been locked inside the Womb. Awakening the Divine Feminine is not just opening to your feminine power. It holds the power of the Mother Goddess who created this entire Universe out of Her Infinite Love.

The Lotus Mantra roots out the unconscious restrictions that every woman feels about expressing their true power and motherly love. When we talk about motherly love, we are referring not only to your ability to care for your children. Motherly love is the ability to feel that everything in this universe is your child: other human beings, animals and plants, and all the realms of the Divine.
The Divine Feminine Power of the Mother Goddess also awakens your ability to become a visionary guide to all living beings. As your consciousness develops, you will be inspired to see into the very depths of all life: how life really works when you put your heart into just being alive and loving to all living beings. The Love of the Divine Mother will correct human error and bring balance to everything we do as a human being. It is time for the women to find their natural place as a motherly guide to all living beings and find their rightful place as leaders of the New Age of Enlightenment.
The human mind is blind to the universe. It has been trained to do everything from logic rather than tuning in to see what the universe and all living beings really need. Love is the key to opening the heart and opening the sacred powers of the Goddess that reside deep inside of every woman.
What the world needs now is Love. What every human being needs is to feel loved by the universe and receive the Almighty Love of the Divine Mother to guide our every action and restore the wonderful life that we were born to enjoy.
The Lotus Mantra can only be taught be a woman and can only be given to another woman. For now Tomoko Abe is the only teacher for this Mantra. I encourage all women to receive this precious teaching and open the full potential of the Divine Goddess to restore balance to our world and lead all living beings into an Age of Enlightenment.

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