Monday, November 17, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Problems are Our Teachers

Sometimes when people start to meditate, they think that now all of our problems will go away. Problems are our teachers. They come to us so we can learn how to improve our life and find and discover our Full Potential in Enlightenment. If our teachers go away, there is nothing to learn and life gets boring!
Life on Earth is our classroom. Problems and karma are our teachers. We sign up for each life to learn something new. We pick our classes very carefully before we come into this life. Every problem that comes into our life is a teacher that we asked to come to us. Some students approach their classes with enthusiasm and want to learn as much as they can. Other students grumble about any challenge that comes and wonder why they are so misfortunate to have to take this class and confront all the problems it brings to them. When we think in this way, everything becomes a burden and we automatically turn away from it and wish that it would just disappear. It is very difficult to learn when our mind is troubled and refuses to even look at what is happening. Approach your life with enthusiasm and things will get easier.

The universe is a reflection of our own consciousness. The universe is the Supreme Teacher that begins to appear when we look in the mirror honestly and openly. A wise teacher always knows when the student is ready! The wise teacher will never give a lesson to the student who is not prepared to learn. So why is life so difficult? We forget that we asked to learn about this problem and signed up for it before we came in. If we realize that each of our problems, no matter how difficult, are lessons that will help us to evolve to a higher level, then our attitude towards life will change.
It is a Cosmic Law that no soul can receive more than they can handle! The universe never brings a difficult lesson to a beginner. Difficult lessons only come to a high soul who has prepared for lifetimes to learn this great lesson! High souls usually face more difficult karma than beginner souls. The harder the lesson, the greater the achievement!
You have chosen your life wisely. If you are troubled by the events of your life, rejoice! You are a high soul who is ready for your Enlightenment. Climb the mountain and plant a flag at the top that announces to the whole world that you have triumphed!

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