Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Becoming a Love Magnet!

Every living being in this universe is attracted to Love. When our heart is happy and full of love, everyone wants to be near, even the gods and angels want to come to us. When we are desperate and demanding, everyone wants to run away. Life is simple. All we need is a happy heart full of love and we become happy and everything around us is happy.
Love is the magnet of attraction. Love is the glue that binds all life together. Without Love we are empty and lonely. In our loneliness, we forget to love our self and give off the energy of “stay away from me, I want to be alone.” Of course this is not our intention! But this is the result. If we want to be attractive, we must fill our heart with Love.

If you feel empty, call on the universe and your favorite masters or gods to help you bring in Infinite Cosmic Love. Repeat the affirmation, “I am Full of Infinite Cosmic Love” many times each day. Your heart will slowly come alive again and you will start to feel more loveable.
When we feel empty, it is usually because we have been telling our self that we are not loveable. We have told our self for a long time that nobody will love us. Without realizing that we did it, we have made “nobody loves me” our mantra! If you cannot love your self, how can anyone else love you? Change your mantra! Think: “I am Infinite Cosmic Love” many times during the day. At the end of the day, sit down and make a list of all the good things that happened to you. Even if that list has only one thing be happy that you have made a good start. Each day you can find one more reason why you are loveable. You must learn how to see your own goodness if you want to start to love your self again. Count your blessings and make a list at the end of each day. Go to sleep with new hope in your heart that you are doing better and one day you will love your self more and more until your heart is full.
Invite a beautiful master like Kannon or Maria to come into your heart and fill you with their love. If you ask, they will come. Remember that your thoughts are powerful. What you think, you create. Create Love!
Love is the only virtue that can be created out of nothing. Love is the only virtue that we never lose. If Love is hiding from your mind, it is only because you have created clouds of doubt about your self. Love is still there. It is only hiding behind your thoughts! Put aside what you think about your self and invite love to appear. If you can’t do this by your self, invite a master or god or angel to come to you and fill your heart with their love until you believe in your self again.
Love is the only virtue we never lose. Even your desire to find love means that you still remember what love feels like. If you can remember what love feels like, there is still love inside your heart that will one day shine like the sun. When your heart is full of love, you will become a Love Magnet! Everything in this universe will mirror love back to you and the entire universe will be smiling like a loving mother. Try it! You’ll like it!

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