Monday, May 14, 2018

Walking Terra Christa ~ Christine Meleriessee Hayden ~ Christine Meleriessee Hayden

With high energies of light coming in to assist Earth’s consciousness raise out of the 3rd dimensional level of awareness (upheaval, war, crime, control and many lower frequencies), we connected with the Galactic Federation of Light of the Christed Extraterrestrials to feel the highest vibrational energies and receive the Divine Language Network Light Codes from Rev. Meleriessee. Click below link for the audio:


Lord Ashtar speaks about the FIFTH DIMENSION and Lord Sananda brings a Gratitude Blessing we can really feel to help ground the Rainbow Arcs of Light through the WEB OF LIGHT. The Whale and Dolphin communities also speak of gratitude and acknowledge those who are creating the Ascension Column Pillars of Light around the world so they can receive them also.

If you have not yet set up your own Ascension Column Pillar of Light please visit www.Ascend.Earth.

Those who find these energies helpful are asked to offer support. We thank those who have done so as the funds really assist us to continue to bring them forward. Many Blessing of Oneness to everyone in working toward the New Earth of Terra Christa!

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