Thursday, August 29, 2013

Arcturians message to their “children” – 28th August 2013 by Karen Doonan

Greetings beloved ones, we are the Arcturians and we come to guide and to support as ALL now prepare for transition into the New Earth in TRUTH. We call to our “children”at this time, those who have taken human form and carry the codings and energies of our race. To them we send out the New Earth codings of 333 and the sacred geometrical shape of the star tetrahedron. We ask them to place this in their base chakra and allow the coding and the sacred geometry to begin to dissolve the very human attachments they have to their human vehicle.
As the New Earth begins to anchor in TRUTH it is time for ALL upon and within planet earth to embrace unity and their GALACTIC origins, this has been controlled and contained by the old 3d earth frequencies and these will now dissolve fully for only TRUTH is supported in the New Earth.
The time to let go of your fully human “roots” is NOW, for ALL ARE ONE and ALL ARE. It is not TRUTH to separate the human race from other races as the human race was created by and with ALL races. Those who sought to contain and suppress the human race focussing on the need to pull the human race together in defense of itself.

This has seen great fear anchor deeply within the cellular structure of the human vehicle and this is what we ask our children to dissolve fully.  The human race are but one aspect of the family of LIGHT which now welcomes them home in TRUTH.
Preparation has now begun on ALL levels for the continued unfolding of the disclosure and re-unification process that ALL in human form will move through in order to birth fully into the New Earth in TRUTH. We ask ALL to process our words through the heart space for the heart KNOWS TRUTH and TRUTH JUST IS.
We guide for clarity that mass disclosure is against the free will of ALL sentient BEings in the UNIVERSE of 3, it is a SOUL choice and those choosing this in their human form are now moving through the portals into the appropriate dimensional timelines to accomodate this. We draw your attention to the new higher dimensional timelines and ask for YOU to TRUST in SELF at all times. YOU incarnated onto and within planet earth for a reason, there are no co-incidences and nothing in this universe is by “accident”.
Each one of you walks a slightly different path in your human form but ALL paths in the New Earth frequencies are anchored in TRUTH. In a human context you are all at the boarding gates to your chosen destination in this your human life experience and at ALL times the journey is overseen by your SOUL.
We send out much LOVE to ALL at this time and we guide for ALL to FEEL TRUTH for ALL that IS TRUTH will remain and all that is not will dissolve. The old earth may try to place your focus on that which dissolves, we ask you gently to place your focus and your LOVE with all that remains.
We are the Arcturians and we walk with you in peace, LOVE, serenity, joy, TRUTH and harmony as you now transition into TRUTH at human conscious waking mind level in the reality you know as your human life experience, here on planet earth in the UNIVERSE of 3 in the linear human timeframe of 2013.
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