Monday, August 19, 2013

Thought Patterns ~ Karen Doonan

It may seem logical to assume that thought patterns are a result of the lower dimensional frequencies and that in order to dissolve the frequencies you need to change your thought patterns. Many of you may have ended up tying yourself in knots trying to do this. As all is a reflection of what is going on inside of you the old earth has hidden much in plain view. Working with mirrors shows you that reflections in a mirror are BACK TO FRONT. Therefore it is not the thought patterns that you need to dissolve, it is the FREQUENCIES that created the thought patterns. Without the frequencies then the thoughts cannot manifest as they are the product of said frequency.
Viewing and anchoring this TRUTH allows for deep transformation. Once you are able at a human conscious waking mind level to accept that your thoughts are not your own and that they are the product of a created frequency then you can work to move out of said frequency and begin to dissolve the patterning. Let us explain this a bit further, for your logical mind may try to filter out our words.

Everything in the universe is a frequency, the frequency of the LOVE that IS being the highest and most expansive frequency that exists, this is the very reason the old earth seeks to keep you out of the heart space for the heart is the seat of your SOUL, it is where the LOVE that IS enters the human vehicle and starts to affect your perception and decoding of the frequencies of this planet. Planet earth is wrapped in various different frequencies and these frequencies are decoded by your human vehicle, they appear to you as trees, plants, other humans, buildings etc. All appearing very real but resonating to a frequency that fools the human eye, for nothing is solid on planet earth or within the human life experience, it is the product or manifestation of the frequency as you decode it. The human eye as you are no doubt fully aware is very easy to deceive this way, you only have to experiment with “optical illusions” to fully understand how easy this is to do.
Viewing your human vehicle as a giant radio receiver is probably the easiest way to work with this information. As you incarnated onto planet earth in the various timelines and dimensions in which you exist in the NOW, you will have incarnated into a human vehicle that was capable of receiving certain transmissions of frequency. It is the frequency of your human vehicle that determines that which you experience upon this planet, changing the frequency it resonates at/with will change your outer waking life, it is never the other way around. (It may appear to be but remember the mirror affect, everything is back to front, reverse it to see TRUTH).
The harmonisation and ascension process is multi layered, it works to help you elevate the frequencies that you are able to decode, this changes your perception of planet earth and your life experience. As you move through the ascension process and elevate in frequency you are “changing radio stations”, you are able to discern things that were hidden from you previously. All is hidden in plain view, it is the frequency of a TRUTH that hides it from you. The lower dimensional frequencies unable to allow the expansion your SOUL needs to anchor TRUTH.
Those who sought to control and suppress the human race did so vibrationally, that is they created specific lower dimensional energetic frequencies that worked to lower the frequency of the human vehicle, effectively locking you out of the other radio stations if you wish to use our analogy. As you dissolve these lower dimensional frequencies then you dissolve the products of these frequencies for the frequencies manifest as thoughts and experiences in your human life experience. It may seem that by changing what you experience you change your life but all is frequency, the patterning will only allow for expansion within a limit range. To walk in TRUTH and freedom you need to dissolve all of the created lower dimensional frequencies from your human vehicle, this will allow you to access experiences that are beyond the limits of the created frequency spectrums.
Many people go into deep frustration and confusion unable to understand why those around them cannot see the world in the way that they can, at all times filtering out the role of frequency. It is not that those around you choose not to see what you see, it is that they cannot see it due to the frequency they are resonating at and with. This is why human words alone cannot help the ascension process, this is also why thinking your way through it is also not an option, the thoughts come from human consciousness and are then superimposed over your personal life experience. As the lower dimensional energetic frequencies are dissolved from the planet and the human race they will also dissolve from human consciousness which is rapidly expanding at this moment. This allows for new ways of BEing and living to be created from the thoughts that are then the product of HIGHER dimensional frequencies and are by their very nature EXPANSIVE.
The frequency of TRUTH is equal to that of the LOVE that IS, TRUTH JUST IS, to access TRUTH you need to dissolve the lower dimensional frequencies that were created to contain you. This gives new meaning to the guidance that we receive continually – “TRUTH JUST IS- ALL that IS TRUTH will remain, all that is not will DISSOLVE”.

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