Friday, June 28, 2013

Peter Van Runt And Lucas – Listen To Our First Episode Of Double Dutch Radio/ with Méline Lafont and Eileen Meyer as short guest– 28 June 2013


Uploaded on 27 June 2013 by peter van runt

Double Dutch Radio : Enjoy our first show.
Peter van Runt and I came sychronisticly together with the idea to do a radio show together. We have  elements of fun, interviews, personal talk and music. Some other stuff we have thought of will appear in other shows.

In our first show we introduce our selves,  we have a news flash with the news of the week. We have  an interview with Eileen Meyer about her music. Eileen also provided us with our leader music. Also “The viewpoint  in the now” with Méline Lafont gives a NOW moment inside. Our commercial breaks are special and we play also MC SuperKenn‘s music in between which will be next weeks show musician being interviewed.

The radio show will evolve with the flow of things. Our website  is still under construction. We are gonna stream also in future with live interviews or backgrounds and we will  have a space for videos and articles. As said all will evolve in the flow of things. And yes my blog has not 120 but 120.000 visitors average a month. You forget things in the heat of the moment. Just fun. Peter and I are just on our training wheels.
If you’re a musician that wants to have music promoted  including a short interview e-mail to and we can get in touch.

Music this episode from:
-Eileen Meyer : /
-MC Superkenn :

Have fun and enjoy, love Peter and Lucas !
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  1. Wow- what a wonderful program. Feel like I know y'all already since we are part of the same family :-) I am so glad I found you for your first show. May you bless many with your endeavors! I enjoyed everything: the personal stories, the news, the fun & the lovely music
    Thank you,