Saturday, June 15, 2013

Andy Bojarski ~ My Conversation with Saint Germain on How to Apply the Violet Flame


Saint GermainI was performing a distant energy healing earlier this morning on a gentleman in Florida.  When I do energy healings, there is always a time during the energy healing where I will ask Saint Germain to apply the violet flame to transmute into the light certain things that are not for the person’s highest and best good.

Before the energy healing, I always ask my guides, spiritual team, and angelic and light beings to be with me.  This always includes Saint Germain.  This energy healing for me was very different that all the other healings.

My third eye is very open at these times and when I heal, I can visually see the person’s body, their organs and their chakras.  But it is in 3D form.  I can pull out chakras and organs and walk into a person’s body, through their aura, to observe their heart, for example, from every angle.  It really is amazing how my third eye has opened up.

I asked Saint Germain to apply the violet flame to transmute and remove some things that were diseased energy during the energy healing this morning.  Then his energy became stronger and he popped in.  This is unusual as during the healings, I follow a routine and the guides and masters never pop in to talk to me.  But this time, Saint Germain popped in and had some things to say.  So of course I listened.

As his energy became stronger, I began to see him in my third eye.  He looked like the picture in this post and had a beard.  He was radiating violet around his aura and his energies were very gentle yet felt very powerful.  He was not that tall, but then I’m 6 feet 5 inches tall.  I would say he was maybe 6 feet tall or so; maybe 6 feet 2 at the most.

Then he told me that the violet flame is applied from the outside to the inside and ends in the heart.  He said you apply it from the top of the aura above the crown, a few feet above the top of your head and work down from there in a spiral type movement covering the entire aura.

Then you use your hands and apply it in a downward motion from the head down to the feet.  He said to feel your aura from the top of your head and then just move your hands down slowly to the outline of your aura to your feet in a circular spiraling manner.

He said that you must imagine the violet flame in your hands and that you must imagine it being placed on your aura.  He said that you need to visualize your hands being violet in color.  He said that as you are moving your violet hands down your aura, the violet flame will stay on the aura.  He said do this a few times throughout the different areas around your aura.
After you have applied it, imagine the violet flame intensifying and encompassing your entire aura on the outside of your aura.

Then he said to instruct the violet flame to slowly burn inwards to the heart.  All aspects of the flame are to burn toward your heart.  As the flame is burning on the aura, it is getting closer to your heart.  The violet flame burns through the aura, through the physical cells, through all your organs, tissues, glands, muscles, bones, skin, etc..though the physical body, the etheric body, the mental, and emotional body.

As it is burning and as you are watching this in your mind’s eye, he said that it is removing and transmuting into the light all things that are diseased energy, all negative elementals and negative thoughts, all blockages and all attachments and unnecessary cords that do not serve your highest and best good.  He said that the violet flame literally burns off anything that does not serve your highest and best good.

He said that the best part is that this burning of the violet flame burns this off permanently from all of your bodies.  It is a gift from Mother / Father God.  He said that as you watch this flame burn on you or others you may be healing, watch as it comes to the center of your heart.  Watch as the only thing that is burning is the heart.  Watch the heart turn violet and burn and pulsate beautifully and radiantly in a violet flame.

The beauty is that the violet flame in the heart does not burn out, he said.  He said that this will help heal you and help keep you healed.  Saint Germain is the keeper of the violet flame and I am so honored and Divinely blessed to have been given these insights.

I am honored and blessed to share them with you.  The violet flame is extremely effective and is a beautiful way to help you release what needs to be released and to help you to forgive others and yourself.

It is a way to help you move forward if you feel stuck.  I witnessed this violet flame on the person that I was healing.  It does work and it is there for you to use to help you.  All you have to do is to tap into it and ask for it.  Saint Germain loves all of you so deeply from his heart and he is an Ascended Master and loves to help.

I am so honored and blessed that he is helping me and I have nothing but love and gratitude to him for all that he had done, is currently doing, and will still do.  I wanted to share this in this posting as I feel that it is important to know how to use the violet flame and how to access it.  Allow it to transmute all of your transgressions and allow it to help heal you.

And remember, always laugh and smile as laughter always raises your vibration to love, the highest energy resonance there is.  I am sending all of you so much love and many blessings.  Love.

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