Sunday, June 30, 2013

☆☁☽ “Dream On…” A Mini-Reading For June 29, 2013. By, Bella Capozzi.


images-1Good morning to all of my friends!  The weekend is finally upon us, and with it comes another fresh rush of downloads and highly transformative energy.   The Universe has been pummeling us with a lot of that lately!  And while it can make us feel a little edgy and uncomfortable at times, it is an overall good thing.  It’s a sure sign that the veil is breaking down at long last, allowing for the higher frequencies to enter into our atmosphere and bodies, and do their job.  Once these energies and their accompanying changes have taken hold, we can expect to see many of our long-held dreams and goals manifest into a liveable reality.  It will take a great deal of patience on our part to not only wait it out, but to jump in and do the necessary work here on Earth to make it happen.  So much needs to change!  Where do we begin?  Our governments, financial systems, education, oppression, poverty, wars…  Yet a New Earth honestly DOES exist just over the horizon, and today we are reminded that we need to get out there and create it, dream it and live it.

As has been the case in almost every reading I’ve done this week, Archangel Metatron has put in an appearance.  I’m discovering that he and Archangel Michael have joined forces and are working side by side in an effort to basically blast us out of our comfort zones and get us up onto our feet and running.  The card of the day is “The Dreamer”, From the Angel Tarot deck, and it features an image of Metatron overlooking a man and his dog as they stand poised to walk through a portal.  The man has one foot in and one foot out- it’s as if he can’t quite make up his mind whether to enter into this unknown realm or not. He’s struggling with fear, uncertainty, and maybe a slight lack of self-confidence.  Can he trust his inner guidance, even though it may not seem logical or in line with what he’s been conditioned to believe?  He knows it will be better on the other side.  He is well aware that it is imperative that he eventually walk through it.  So he stands there at this in-between place, garnering his courage to take a huge leap of faith.  The dog, his faithful companion, is symbolic of the fact that we do not take undertake this journey alone and that we may bring our loved ones with us.  It also reminds us that we have help and guidance available to us every step of the way, both from the Higher Realms and our own soul-families here on Earth .

UnknownThis card is an indicator of the untapped potentials within us all.  I’m talking about all of those things that you’ve dreamed of doing but haven’t done yet;  all the secrets, the talents and the abilities that you know are inside of you just waiting to be unleashed into the world.  Every one of you who reads this is a some sort healer.  You came to this planet, at this time, to heal Gai and her lands and the lifeforms that dwell upon her. You do this in a way that is natural to you.  Many of you are even completely unaware that you’re doing it-but you are!  Each of our missions is unique in it’s own way, yet at the same time is Divinely aligned with many others who came into incarnation with you.  The first step in manifesting all of this outwardly is dreaming.  And I don’t mean so much when you are sleeping as I do while in your awakened state.  You must do this consciously and with determination and focus.  Meditation is, of course, the ideal venue for creating and envisioning the world  as a place of peace and unity, prosperity and yourself living your true life-purpose.  But really, you can do this anywhere.

Try daydreaming, as you push your shopping cart down the aisles of the supermarket.  While driving, imagine you are passing by colorful fields of flowers instead grayness and urban decay.  Try to feel what it would be like if you were on your way to your job at a healing center, a garden or a progressive school-this, rather than going to spend eight hours in a stuffy cubicle or other type of restrictive workplace.  Dream it into being, first.  Next, set the intention that you will absolutely never settle for anything less.  If we all do this, together we will be an unstoppable wave of change.

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Namaste ~ Bella

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