Friday, January 11, 2013

John Smallman - Jesus - An enormous shift in your awareness has just occurred

Life is a golden opportunity, it is an invitation from God our Father to participate eternally in the divine creative process, and it is an invitation that all sentient beings accepted – instantly.  Those of you on the Earth plane chose to experience an unreal state of existence separated from your divine Source by imagining the illusion and then supporting it.  Separation from God and from the oneness that He created is quite impossible, but an experience of separation is possible and that is what you have been undergoing.  It appears to have been ongoing for eons, but that is part of the illusion that you call time.  All of God’s children are beings of immense power, a power that is completely unimaginable to you in the severely restricted state of consciousness that you have chosen for yourselves.  When you entered into that state it was in truth for but an instant, but with your collective intent you established an extremely long time line offering you myriad options for finding your way out of it and home to your Father.

Over the eons you have followed many paths as you sought the way back to your natural state of oneness with God.  The path that you have just completed has brought you very close, and the energies of the present age, the New Age that you have just entered into, will enable you to complete your journey and come home to a hero’s welcome.  The eons spent in the illusion have been chaotic and confusing for you as you fought one another, thinking that you were individual beings competing for a prize that only one could win, when in fact you are all one and will all win the prize of coming home as you cooperate together to complete your journey.

The new energies enveloping you are in fact ancient energies that have always been available but which you have hidden from in your determination to live and experience life as rugged and separate individuals.  Because you have been unaware of them for so long your memory of them has been almost completely obliterated, and now, as you rediscover them, they seem new and unimaginable. They are the energies of Love in Its many enticing forms of which you are becoming increasingly aware as you engage with them and release the unreal, painful, and ineffectual energies of egoic self-centeredness.

An enormous shift in your awareness has just occurred and the attraction of the divine energy field enveloping you has become irresistible.  This shift was the tipping point, the point at which you chose to engage once more with your Father’s creative field of energy that supports all sentient life forms eternally. Engaging with it is an act of sharing it and accepting one another as an almighty one, instead of viewing yourselves as almost totally powerless individual beings. Seeing that all are one it is now impossible for you to continue the game of separation and abandonment that has occupied you for so many lifetimes.  The realization that what you think, say, or do affects all others has driven this point very clearly home, and you have therefore made the decision to honor and accept all others as divine aspects of yourselves, as they most definitely are, and chosen to work together lovingly from this point forwards until you complete your homeward journey.

The divine field of Love has always surrounded you, but now you are recognizing it, engaging with it, and discovering how good it makes you feel.  That sensation of being loved, acceptable, and of inestimable value banishes all those previous feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness that you have nursed and supported for far too long, and enables you to recognize in one another the aspect of eternal divinity that is your birthright and your eternal heritage.

From here forwards your homeward journey is a collective venture, and as such it can only succeed.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

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