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The Maya Calendar is in the right….. Dineke Jongepier

The Maya Calendar is in the right…
2013 © Dineke Jongepier-Rijskamp

Dineke Jongepier

Even now, after december 21st, I am confronted with reactions of people saying to me “You see, nothing has happened” and “you confuse people with your statements”. I have taken my precautions in advance and have said that I put myself in a vulnerable position with my assertions. Nevertheless I am very happy that everything that I have come to know since the end of october 2012 on the subject, thanks to my gift of working with the pendulum, has turned out as truth. Nothing that I was able to measure has been untruthful. I am fully aware of the fact that many have not always understood my measurements let alone that they could fully abide. Let’s recapitulate what has happened to me.

At the end of october I received info through my pendulum work that a specific food substance would be beneficial for a client. After I ordered it and double checked the info again three days later to see if it was still the correct substance it appeared that this person all of sudden no longer needed it to sustain her health. This was an odd experience for me because my method of double checking my findings up till than always yielded the same results. Next I measured the so-called Bovis value of that person, and I got a result that laid between the 6500 and 8500, perfectly normal for people who resonate with the energies of the 3rd dimension (Here I refer to my article in the magazine ‘Spiegelbeeld’ of December 2012).

To my astonishment the follow-up measurement I received indicated that a value had been measured somewhere between 8500 and 10500 Bovis units. This was actually impossible since those values are not applicable for people living in the 3rd dimension. So I decided to make a specific measuring tabulation depicting the different dimensions and guess what : this person with those higher Bovis values resonated with the energies of the 5th dimension. Than it dawned on me : wasn’t it true that the Maya’s with their calendar had foretold that after the ending of a long count on december 21st, 2012 a totally new era would commence in which humanity would undergo a transformation? I was thinking to myself could it be that before that date of december 21st 2012 there were some people who were already in the process of converting their cells from a carbon-based cell structure into a crystalline cell structure without them noticing anything of this process on a physical level?

The famous Bovis-scale to measure energetic values ​​of objects or resources.

I then designed another tabulation to measure the exact number of strands of DNA. Currently everyone living in the 3rd dimension has 2 DNA strands and in some cases 3 DNA strands in active mode. But what about that person with the higher Bovis value and who already resonated with the 5th dimension?

Well, in measuring I came to the conclusion that with this person I checked at the end of october, the number of DNA strands had risen from 2 to 12. 12 DNA strands in active mode is truly extraordinary.

I am aware that the activation process needs time and one cannot work completely with the 12 strands in the blink of an eye at present. In the course of the months november and december I noted the exact same astonishing results with the clients who came for a consult. The closer the date approached that of december 21st the more people began to resonate with the 5th dimension. And everybody that resonated with this dimension went from 2 or 3 strands of DNA to 12 strands of DNA in active mode and for everyone I measured the Bovis value the results I got were between the 8500 and 10500. For clients who still hadn’t reached that level in november and december and who still resonated with the 3rd dimension, I asked the question through my pendulum “How will it be after the date of december 25th 2012?” The response I acquired via the pendulum seemed to correspond with my measurement about the persons who already resonated with the 5th dimension way before december 21st.

From this I can conclude that many are, but not yet everyone is, connected to the awakening of the energies of the 5th dimension after december 25th. What I also found out was that if there were still closed chakra’s in the 3rd dimension, they all opened up after december 25th and especially the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. Those have now duly opened after december 25th 2012 in the people who resonated with the 5th dimension (see image).

We are dealing with a never before experienced energetic process in humanity, of which we still cannot conceive fully in our wildest dreams what the total implications will be. For what experiences are we now being prepared in God’s name? I will try to give a clear answer to this question through my current understandings.

Where are we headed to?
Not only the Maya’s foresaw a huge transformation of the human being and of the Earth; also other indian tribes such as the Hopi’s, have informed us of a new age, in which the old familiar will no longer be known. The Biblical prophesies have also told us much on the subject. There’s no need to belong to a specific church nor is it necessary to be involved in any religion whatsoever, to explore the Biblical prophets further with an open, independent attitude.

All those great sages have indicated that another world is due for humanity in the end times. It has nothing to do with the end of the world (just like the mainstream media tried to make us believe) but rather it is the end of an era. Let me make it absolutely clear : the purpose of a human being is to become aware of his/her connection with the cosmic Creator.

We feel this connection deep in our heart and our conscience functions as a kind of compass aimed at this source of unconditional love. The needle of this compass has a hard time to find the right lovepole in our harsh materialistic world, as the needle always draws to various distractions such as indoctrinations, dogma’s, material greed and an external overwhelming deluge of information which all too often has been manipulated in such a way that the receiver no longer knows what to believe.

The compass of the conscience continues turning frantically.
I found out that this is caused by the great dark powers who try to divert us from our evolution into a Spiritual consciousness. Afore-mentioned dark forces know that, now that we’ve reached a tipping point in time, they will have no longer any power over humanity in the new age; hence they try fiercefully to create confusion, a lot of confusion.

The sages and the prophets have predicted a new earth, liberated from all evil and consequently it is called “The Golden Age”. I presume that the Golden Age implies the transition of our solar system into the frequencies of the 5th dimension. It is becoming quite obvious for me that this event is to come to pass shortly.

Why else would I start experiencing discrepancies in my measurements through my pendulum work from the end of october, while simultaneously noticing that specific tabulations, who always were valid for people dwelling in the 3rd dimension, all of a sudden became non-applicable? See for example the diagram (image 1) dealing with the röntgen units of the human being. For the past thirty years I used this diagram to measure the health of a person and the results made it clear to me to what extent a person could be seriously ill for instance.

When I randomly measure a person using this diagram I no longer get a result (on condition that the person resonates with the 5th dimension), meaning that the influence of this scale no longer applies to the carbon structure in the cells of the body. Rather it means that we as a human species will begin to resonate with the energies of the 5th dimension as previously stated. In this dimension, which has to duly unfold, there will no longer be any disease or an early death for the human being.

Admittedly, this might sound like a fairy tale, but let’s take a closer look at the prophet Jesaja 65:20 : "Never again will there be in it an infant who lives but a few days, or an old man who does not live out his years; he who dies at a hundred will be thought a mere youth; he who fails to reach a hundred will be considered accursed.” In the new world we will operate from an as yet inconceivably more perfect body, expressing the creation as it was ultimately meant to be for all creatures. In this world there will no longer be any animal which will devour another animal as all animals will become herbivores. As human beings we no longer will eat meat. This has everything to do with the 5th dimension.

Are all people really going to switch over to this Golden Age?
From my measurements it is quite obvious that all people of good will, those who do not turn against the Creator and his Creation, and by the way, many of those are already tuned into and resonate with the 5th dimension, as to their cell structure, can be crammed for the new world although, from a physical point of view, they are unaware of this fact. I also found out through my measurements that those that continue to cause great harm in this world, will absolutely not transform along but will continue to exist in the 3rd dimension of harsh duality. It is through my innate gift that I am able to make these assumptions.

Of course, people also ask me if I can measure when all this will unfold. Let me also in this instance make it absolutely clear that nobody, really nobody has any insight as to the hour and timeframe. There is a statement in the Bible, Matthew 24:36 But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father”.

Once there lived a great prophet under the name John of Jerusalem; he lived from 1042 – 1119 (see image) and as a Temple knight he stayed a long time in Jerusalem. This “brave among the brave”, as he was knicknamed, received a lot of visions about our times and he always started his quatrains with : “When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins The opinions and the minds of men will be imprisoned They will be intoxicated and will not know it They will take images and reflections for the truth of the world They will be treated like sheep”

And also :” When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins Man will make merchandise of everything. Everything will have its price,Trees, water and animals. Nothing more will be given and everything will be sold”

This wise prophet predicts that after a dark period man will live on a new earth and what he has to say about that is the following :”When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand  Man will know what the spirit of all things is The stone or the water, the body of the animal or the gaze of others He will have pierced the secrets that the ancient Gods possessed  And he will open door after door in the labyrinth of the new life. 

When you familiarize yourself with his predictions you will come to the conclusion that much has already happened and that we are now on the threshold of a new world. That we have to prepare ourselves for this world is all too often the main theme of all religions, however the churchly dogma’s or religious fanaticism are not included. I always advise to stay in your own center and follow everything that comes along on your path unbiassed and with an open mind. The coming times will prove whether the Maya’s were in the right. I am convinced they are.

Because there is no place for evil in the new world (the new earth) it is quite probable that, before the great shift occurs, all evil that still has some power over the earth will try to maintain its positions of power through a monstrous battle in order to prevent the earth from transforming. This will be a time of war, poverty and oppression of which John of Jerusalem has the following to say ;”

When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins A black and secret order will have risen Its law will be of hate and its arm poison It will want always more gold and will spread its reign over the earth. Those who serve it, will be bound to each other by a kiss of blood. Good men and the weak will be submitted to its rule The Powerful will enter its service. The only law will be that which it dictates in the shadows It will sell the poison even in the churches. And the world will walk with the scorpion under its heel”. How much truth does this specific prediction, which was written more than 1000 years ago, contain?

Before the new era can flourish, the shit of this world will have to depart whereafter the real Shift will come to pass, that’s my point of view. When the possible upcoming battle between light and dark breaks out, it is foretold that many Angels and Lightbeings will be around us, who on calling on them will provide maximum protection. Nobody, absolutely nobody has to live in fear for the coming events. I always say : stay centered in your own energy and don’t get carried away with the illusion of the day. Develop an acute sense of discernment about things that come in your field of experience. Precisely in these times there are many prophets and you can feel in your heart whether they touch you in a positive way. And lastly you have to trust the Unconditional Love coming from the Highest Source to humanity and guiding us into the Golden Age.

In case I discover new insights through my pendulum work concerning the Shift into the 5th dimension, I will certainly inform you all through this website.

Dineke Jongepier-Rijskamp 


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