Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wes Annac: A New Paradigm

You are indeed seeing correctly; Aquarius Channelings has become the Aquarius Paradigm. I have updated and changed the “Age of Aquarius” introduction to “A New Paradigm” and I have also rewritten the “Ascension” page, the “Disinformation” page, and the “Making First Contact” page has been rewritten and changed to “Enlightened Galactics”.  We are entering our New Paradigm, and I am happy to continue to help as many as possible to see the Light!

Hello, and thank you for visiting this site.
This website runs on the basis that humanity is reaching a new paradigm in our awareness and understanding. When pairing this new paradigm with the Age of Aquarius we have recently entered as a planet, we could call this the Aquarius Paradigm. Spirituality, along with an understanding of the wrongs that have been perpetrated onto our society by the few with influence and power is garnering in many people, an understanding that our reality is not what we’ve been led to believe it is.
A lot of people are beginning to understand that we’ve been misled as a collective into feeding separation and hatred on a mass level, as well as an ignorance of the fact that our collectively-fed hatred and separation is feeding the destructive and violent acts occurring on our world at present.
This website is built on the belief that humanity is and will be realizing the need to change how we have run our world and the mindsets we have collectively allowed ourselves to accept or, at the very least, remain complacent to.

We at this website believe that humanity is being initiated not just into a New Age, but a new way of understanding and recognizing each other as the sovereign and free collective we are meant to be. This website is built on the basis of standing up against and answering to oppression, as well as finding and sustaining an inner-peace and harmony that can be felt when you turn within, to your unlimited inner-perceptions.

This website is built on the belief that humanity has been led away from our inner realms, from the intelligence and understanding they can garner us, and from possessing knowledge in general. However, it is also believed that those on this world who realize the need to put an end to the hatred, separation and petty fussing on a collective level will be leading the way for all of humanity to begin rebuilding the condition our world is in.

This blog is built on the belief that humanity will be repairing the condition our world is currently in, now and in the time ahead. It is also built on the knowledge that much has been hidden from humanity, such as the existence of our inner and evolved realms, as well as that of the enlightened beings assisting us in our evolution from such realms.

It is believed that genuine spirituality and the existence of Angelic, enlightened beings as well as enlightened Galactic beings who have made contact with the citizens of Earth numerous times throughout our history, has been distorted into narrow beliefs that do not properly reflect the history of our world or the enlightened beings who have assisted us in our evolution.

The belief that these souls are still communicating with humanity to help us along our evolution forms the basis of this website as well, and it should be expressed that these souls, while giving us assistance, will not deliver our New World to us and it is rather we who should begin to recognize what has been done and continues to be done to our world, and work to fix it ourselves.

It is believed that so very much has been suppressed and hidden from humanity; much of it concerning benevolent, enlightened human extraterrestrials and the contacts they have made with our world.
The establishment of a fraudulent financial system and a continued enforcement of the division of the classes and a separation of races and countries has been perpetrated by the very interests keeping valuable knowledge, information and advanced technology away from us, and it is now our time to stand up to these interests as the collective body we are and have always been, and proclaim our right to take back this planet and begin working together, in peace and harmony to rebuild this world.

We will be given assistance with doing this but for now, we must take every step we can to bring our New Age of peace and collective prosperity about. This blog is about the initiation of the New Paradigm and will feature news, writings and channeled messages that are meant to encourage us, uplift us and help us to know that we are not alone in our mission of anchoring this New World unto our current world.
We are creating the New Paradigm in every moment and with every action, and it is with Love that I thank you for visiting this website.
107 small
-Wes Annac
(All pictures taken by my fiance, PocahontasBrandy.)

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