Monday, January 14, 2013

The Dolphin Collective ~ The born New world is A Fact ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont

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Lovely Ones, from the greatest depth of our Love for all of you, we bring you these blessings and we present you with our deepest friendship today. We often bless your hearts, we bless humanity and an incredible appreciation is bestowed upon you from us for the wondrous work that has been accomplished in order to bring this beloved Gaia and humanity to a higher frequency. The Shift has been successful and the Ascension has now started, lovely ones.

You may assume, without a shadow of a doubt, that the shift into the Fifth Dimension and even higher, for some of you, has become a fact. For so long we have joyfully awaited for this to happen and now it is palpable and quite obvious for all of us on Earth, that all becomes more lovingly and grows to perfection and harmony in all Love and in friendship towards each other. Your hearts have begun to melt with each other. The connections have been tighted between each heart, and not only an immensely high frequency of Love energies but also the connections are felt between each other in these heart-connections.

These are the first steps to a more conscious and collective consciousness which is now forming and in which cooperation will become a fact as there will no longer be any hint of separation. A whole new collective society will be build in which each heart is tuned in on another heart, all the while perfectly knowing what someone else needs or has to offer. That way a firm cooperation will become a reality and conversations will be from heart to heart instead of from mind to mind. There will be no longer any influence from the outside world and the ego will give way and succumb.

There is no ego nor fear when operating from the heart, and that, my lovely ones, is the marvel of Ascension which has now duly begun. Only a few adjustments are still necessary as well as some more steps to build this up in your real world and in your being. Your state of Being contains everything needed for this and your hearts are continuing building together, to reach this growth. Give it the chance and the trust so that it can settle itself in your perceptions and in your world, the outer world, by only believing and being in your Inner Self.

There is nothing as beautiful as seeing an awakened soul remember who he/she truly is in reality; it looks a lot like the birth of a new child and soul who is always embraced with open arms by the parents and the family. Your whole family of the Light, as well as the Dolphin Collective are your family, are rejoicing that you start to remember this and that you open yourself up to and reactivate your Self. It is as a rebirth and it brings glad tidings as well as an energy of renewal and of Love. Nothing compares to this process, nothing even comes close.

Our emissaries on Earth dwelling in the beautiful oceans, know like no other and feel like no other how marvellously this Ascension process has taken its first steps, and with each passing day it grows further and further towards completion. Your work and perseverance will duly bear fruits and the whole world will know where it stands. Gaia has become so breathtakingly beautiful and She feels as if She has been reborn in freedom and bliss.

This freedom takes its way between the first steps and grows just like a river meandering itself into the marvellous and unending ocean. You can surely describe this process of freedom that way as you are all now on the point where the river has flooded outside its banks and has enlarged , flowing along a path towards the unending, beautiful ocean in which we dwell. Once arrived in this beautiful ocean our presence as well as that of your Galactic and Lightfamily will be fully yours as well.  Hence we ask you respectfully to hold the course and to continue working on your goals of Ascension, which are actually unfolding now.

We love you all so deeply, lovely ones, and we want nothing more than your Self enrichment and your freedom, all the while helping and assisting you. Our oceans have duly reached the state of the 5th Dimension meaning that everything on Mother Earth is in the process of settling into this 5th Dimension. It was firstly the oceans which have fully reached that state because water is an important element in your lives and in your Ascension process, as well as that of Mother Earth. Water is an excellent conductor and chargelessly passes on as it is a transparant and pure element and energy. Once that the water has fully tuned into the frequencies of the 5th and the 7th Dimension, the element of air will follow, the landmasses, the animal kingdoms and humanity.

It seems endlessly long for your hearts but time is in truth timeless. You can only live in the moment of NOW, lovely ones, and this NOW is eternal and infinite. Be grateful that you have become aware of this fact, for it gives you the opportunity to free yourself from the aspect of time. Remain in the hearts that you are and everything will become timeless and will take place in the NOW. Leave the mind and the thought patterns for what they are and fully tune in into your hearts.

We move along on the path to the global Ascension on the physical plane, something that your physical vessels have had to amply undergo  in order to adapt. Let this all proceed on its due course and be aware that you, undoubtedly and absolutely, have definitely gone through the passages of the 3rd and the 4th Dimension ; the 5th Dimension has now been reached through your hearts.

In all Love and with our blessings, we greet you all. Until next time, lovely ones.

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