Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Congruency At a New Level

The Helix Colored Spiral

We have entered a new realm of engagement—-straight on. We are in the midst of an ongoing event, one that does not yet have a final point of conclusion. It is best to prepare in more ways than just one. Oh, yes tie up the camel and sit on top of it and go into your heart. Melt into love. Congruency is the word of the day.
It is time to muster up. We are being called now. The crossing has begun now. It is the crossing of choice points—-timelines are constantly shifting and merging. Time to go inside for self-reference now. Go inside where our congruency lives. Sit in the quiet, drop into the heart and bow to the light of love within.
Energize love. Become the congruency.

As we engage at this level we provide ourselves with a safe intent. An intent free of angst and discord. These choice points are crucial to our transformation and our ascension. What we choose now is pertinent to our future.
Timelines are real. There are millions intersecting and weaving in and out constantly. It is best to be aware of this so when choosing you are coherent and are able to choose the timeline of your true destiny. It is time to make the highest possible choice so that you may choose the timeline of your highest purpose.
Choose the event that will support your divine purpose and select the choice point that facilitates your merging with Divine Consciousness and the Heart of Love.
Many of the metaphors I apply in my writing are encoded. These lines of text carry the frequency of love. They are often written in step ladder sets. I receive them in all capitals and they often are to be underlined and quotation marks are to be used.

Our multiverses and our planet operate through sound harmonics. We surely do impact our earth and beyond through our intent with our words and language.  Think Aummmm. Any mantra that is also sung in silence has the same affect. Sometimes I am taking a walk and the mantra sings through me automatically.
This is our new level of engagement. Engage, choose the choice point for the appropriate timeline event of your highest purpose.

If you have wondered what ascension is, well this is it. Beyond the awakening into the realization and the living and being.
Everything of value is happening right now. We have been kickstarted. We cannot sit back and watch. If you have noticed, your intuition and higher faculties have been awakened more lately, with each recent event. Capitlize on this use you true gifts to propel you forward. The time is now.
This is so. Apply discernment now. Clear your field from any disturbances. Remember the higher the better. Go to the highest possible dimension of love that you possibly can. This is beyond warp drive. I am getting power pulse surges as I write this. Utilize your gifts to the maximum now. Stay away from the main stream 
news now.
Do not subjugate yourself or become misguided.
Be clear when the choice is before you and remember the basics.
Who you are
Why you are here
And where you are going

Ask your Over Lighting presence to lead you, guide you and direct you into the Pulse of Love.
I choose The Pulse of Love. I choose the timeline of my greatest purpose.
You will surely be transported where your intention energizes that which you hold in the heart of love.

The Pulse of Love, Power, Purpose and the Potency of Love, Christina Fisher copyright 2012

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