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Lucas: Happy 2013 – Explore The Crossing Of The Frontiers – 1 January 2013

jaar-2013-570x269I thank all my readers, my contributors and others blogs  and websites that deliver great channelings, articles, opinion, videos, movies, music, pictures, radio, chat and  inspiration and more.  A Special thanks for Fran Zepeda, Lisa Gawlas ,  Andrea Sartori, Andrea (Tan),  Wes Annac, Jean Haines, Visionkeeper, Gillian Grannum,  Méline Lafont,  Bill Ballard,  Laura P, Laura Bruno,  Eric C. Peterson Jr. , Ron Van Dyke,  Brenda Hoffman, Ron Head, Kauilapelle, John Smallman, Jennifer Hoffman, Bella Capozzi, and also thanks to all those others I did not mention here personally.  For those I have not posted anymore or are not a member of anymore  I say,  I have moved on and maybe you should also. I try to  stay out of the old paradigm,  duality, and try to stay out of ego  (normal or spiritual) that is not beneficial  to anything. 

movedonYes, I am still human also and I may have stood on some touchy toes or have been in error, also than I say sorry to those in question and  say I have moved on.  I live in the now and do not stay in the past or wander to the future as all is NOW in the present moment.  I am not here to seek conflict as it is not in the interest of me and being in 5D. I still have to say stop to some that seem not to acknowledge that we are in 5D and still can not let go of 3D reality and attachments and try to coerce people in believing or make them believe they are right with any means available.  Still I move on.  I all love you unconditionally whatever happened, but  I have moved on. Humans need  to find their own ways into the new paradigm now. The wayshowing and helping awakening is not my task in first place anymore. Me and others priority is to create the new paradigm together and share and exchange in unity from the heart and that is what makes 5D tick. 

All_change_meets_resistance_business_libraryAll is just a process that evolves as we let it flow.  Resistance and fighting the new is not what will bring change. If you seek the fight, fight within you  and make your peace after the battle within, with your unconditional love in your heart. You will find peace there and your connection to all that is and is and always was available to you.  Nobody said that all this would be easy and nobody said that they would do it for us.  It is your own responsibility to find your way back and into 5D. Search the internet outside the mainstream news and media and find blogs and websites like mine is one, as a starting point. Still you have to do the work. Stop following people. Stop giving your powers away to others : gurus, commanders, teachers, leaders, or give you powers away to some religion.  You have the power within and are responsible in all for what you do, do not do and are thinking, seeing, writing and shaping with your hands, or creating in any other way.  The time for victims and victimizers is over.

imagesLove is key in all that is. But love is not blind and does not say to everyone in hollow words “I love you”. Love is the purest and a real energy. Love is about understanding that unconditional not means you’re not showing people their own reflection and projection upon others as they are not expression love but something “negative”.  But unconditional love is also  “without boundaries or restrictions or having exclusion from others that not are like what your own mindset says them to be”. Love is unconditional. Still you show compassion but no pity for those that are not  loving people as they should.  I feel unconditional love for all of you that briefly or temporarily touched my life and I have learned a lot from you.  I saw lots of beautiful angels, beautiful people who are on their journey like me. Also I have compassion for those I have seen that still are not opening up to the new perception of things and still  stay in  3D and duality. Also I saw those that are not seeing the evolving changes and just are repainting the old with a new paint or trying to repair that what is unrepairable.  But in the end a great number of humans stepped already out of the endless duality cycles. They understood that this can be done in accepting another perception of things and moving inwards toward the heart as your center to connect with source.

We have come all here to make our 5D graduation without exception.  So it is up to you to make that effort to change yourself and therefore change the world accordingly also  on the outside of you.  But all is coming in waves  and so are also people in their developments towards full 5D becoming aware and conscious in waves. Even if we shifted all together the growth is still in different levels accordingly to where you are in the NOW. In 5D there is no being right or wrong or being the best, the wisest, nor are you greater or bigger or more powerful, etc.  Equality and Unity rules from unconditional love as basis.  But still we all have our own energy signatures, our own authentic selves  with all that knowledge, talent and skills from all those life cycles you have been through. Let us make  good use of all  and we will go explore the new uncharted 5D territory like first time creators of  a new dimension and universe . As  Star trek’s Captain Picard  would  say:  Engage!  Go explore the crossing of the frontiers and make 2013 a year of wonders for all.  Do you feel already the magic?
Love and Light,

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