Friday, February 10, 2017

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Eclipse Energies ~ The Goddess Speaks

ToDAY is the Lunar Eclipse ~ POWERFUL gateway and window of opportunity to integrate volumes of Higher consciousness. Good moment for this sharing which assists in the amplification of the Lunar eclipse energies. I have chanted these especially for these eclipse moments. Chantings by Méline Lafont.
I find the Eclipse energies to be about empowering the God/Goddess within, in order to step forth in creation with a deeper sense of Self. These empowering energies are here to align you with a Higher form and expression of you so that you can execute your mission and duty as a Light conduit and Gatekeeper. These Eclipse energies are awakening the energies of creativity and expression. It is about expressing those creative energies within us and to do something with this in the collective as well as in your own personal reality. Stepping forth in self trust and with self empowerment through the energies of creativity and creation is thus the energy of this now..

I have created this audio during the Full Blood Moon Eclipse energies of early October 2014, where this powerful force of the Goddess consciousness was activating within me to speak these tones of truth. It is a language of light codes, one that speaks of empowering, freedom and unity as One. This helps you to release emotions, to empower your own true God/Goddess Self and to awaken this creativity within you to arise and integrate in your life.
This is my own energy and voice in a state of enlightenment, where this energy was directly channeled during this recording. It is one of power and freedom! This is my gift to you all, as I was called to share this with you: for those who might benefit from it.
With Love in unity as One
Méline Portia Lafont


  1. Thankyou so much meline truly Beautiful.

  2. Magical beauty feeling the power of this song