Friday, February 5, 2016

Ron Head ~ Current Events – The Council

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Current Events – The Council

Today we would like to discuss current events with you, not news items, but the things that are going on in your lives. We’ll just dive right into it.
You have been told to expect a lot of things in your lives. And we have repeatedly told you that the important things were what is happening to your inner being and the rest would happen as a result of that. We told you that your outer world could not be anything but a reflection of the inner. The word ‘soon’ became something of a joke. “Oh no! Not ‘soon’ again!” And we said that the changes were happening ‘now’ but had not surfaced yet.

Emmanuel Dagher ~ Energy forecast February ~ The Lightness Returns

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Hi my friend,
If the start of 2016 has been much more intense than you anticipated, you are not alone.
In fact, many people noticed that the first four weeks of January were some of the toughest they have experienced in years.
Why is this happening?
To the human part of ourselves, it can feel frustrating to try and figure out why things happen the way they do.

Magenta Pixie ~ Processing Spiritual Concepts (Synchronicity and the Meaningful, Subject...

Walking Terra Christa ~ Lord St. Germain: Fully Stepping Into Oneness of the Self

 Greetings it is with much excitement of my Soul’s I AM that I speak to you today.
As we come into a new state of being in 2016, elements need to come into place so that there is a stability of life that will occur for each individual inhabited in this planet. To me it is a long awaited time in history to come to this creation upon the Earth to truly know the Universal Laws.

Divine Oneness is a step in allowing full consciousness to be accepted within a soul’s experience within a physical body. As each of you became aware of your true self, what is it that gave you excitement that there was more to life than you previously thought in your third dimensional mind?

Jamye Price ~ Folding Time

Blessed Being, Time is a construct of your physical reality. It responds to the resonance of the collective of Earth, and it responds to each individual. Just as all of your experiences on the earth plane do, Time responds to the duality experience—visibly unique/separate from you as it flows from day to night; and it is invisibly connected to you as it responds to your resonance. You are moving beyond the limits of duality as you observe and interact with the invisible, subtle nature of Life. This is your Ascension process.

Shanta Gabriel ~ A New Message from Archangel Gabriel About Transforming Your Life with Light Field Technology


Class Begins February 11

When I asked this morning what I could share with you about the importance of Light Field Technology, I received a beautiful message from Archangel Gabriel:

Dear Ones,

One of the most surprising and inspiring aspects of Light Field Technology is the bloom of Pure Love that you will feel in your heart through a new and expanded connection to your most Divine Self. There is an awakening of love and devotion to God that results from an alignment within the core spiritual aspects of your being.

"Thank you so much for leading this amazing experience! Personally I never want it to end. The connection and power have been immense." 

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Derrumbe de la 3D a nivel físico ~ ¡Están entrando ENORMES Ondas Universales! Lord Merlín y los Tsolianos Galácticos

Translation by Gloria Mühlebach

Crédito de imagen: Derecho de AutorScience Photo Library

Querida Tribu del Amor:

 ¡La 3D y todo lo relacionado con las cosas materiales se están derrumbando sobre sí mismas! En ocasiones hemos estado conscientes de ello y de que hemos empezado a ser testigos de lo mismo con nuestros propios ojos. Es con el fin de ayudarnos a todos a desapegarnos de la materia y a no depender de ella, paraventurarnos en nuestro interior. Nos hemos estado preparando para esto largo tiempo, y hemos hablado de ello largamente;  lo han estado oyéndolo por tanto tiempo. . . . . y bueno, ¡aquí está!  Los primeros efectos tangibles se están presentando a sí mismos! 

Un hermoso pero retador concepto cuando se vuelve efectivamente así. En 2 semanas durante este retrógrado de Mercurio 5 de mis aparatos dejaron de funcionar completamente: mi impresora, 2 reproductores de DVD, mi teléfono, y mi secadora, y ahora mi coche se han estropeado dos veces en esta semana, y esta vez parece ser que probablemente no se pueda reparar y tenga que comprar uno nuevo.  Así que aquí ESTOY en este  Ahora, habiendo sido colocada en la quietud y la perspectiva de la frecuencia del punto de vista cero para ver todo y no hacer nada al respecto en este momento. 

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers - February 4, 2016

The latest guidance from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.
We see many, many changes occurring in your outer world, all of them leading you into the beauty and daily reality of life on a fifth dimensional planet.

We are aware that much that is occurring does not seem to be coming from the Light.
You are seeing disturbances—in the weather, in the news headlines, in governments, in your families and workplaces, and in your own heart-mind.
It may feel at times that these energetic earthquakes, both small and large, are a sign that things are getting worse, not better.

Yet know that these things are happening not to keep you in the shadows of the third dimension, but because you are actively stepping out of them.

WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP? by Patricia Cota-Robles

February 3, 2016
The Company of Heaven is heralding 2016 AS THE LONG AWAITED CATALYST YEAR during which Awakening Humanity will lift up in consciousness tapping into previously unknown patterns of perfection within the Causal Body of God. We have always known that the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Frequencies of the New Earth will transcend our human miscreations. The prophecies of old indicated that when Humanity completes our Ascension process we will no longer be manipulated by the pain and suffering we miscreated on the old Earth. As a result of that sacred knowledge, we think of the New Earth as a beautiful place where the maladies of the old Earth do not exist. We imagine a Planet where poverty, hunger, physical and mental disease, corruption, greed, abuse of power, hate, prejudice, war, aging, inclement weather conditions, and even death and dying as we know it now do not and cannot exist. But in reality, the New Earth is infinitely more than that.

What the Beings of Light are revealing to us now is that eliminating our human miscreations is just the first minuscule step in cocreating the New Earth. I know that transmuting pain and suffering seems like a monumental accomplishment to us but, in Truth, that phase of the Divine Plan is barely scratching the surface of the wonders we will be cocreating on the New Earth.