Friday, September 4, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Master Merlin ~ The Great shift of 2015-2017 for Humanity

    (thank you to Karl Morfett for this pic.)

    Question: guidance re the great shift of 2015-2017 for humanity, as our planet/solar system has entered the region of the Milky Way galaxy with the photonic energies ? - end of meta-cycle with return to Atlantis-type "expanded consciousness" ?

Well yes and no to that question. The yes implies a massive shift in consciousness that is beyond the rate you have known in past ancient times so far. This means that the many wars you have created and experienced as a collective Human consciousness will come to end after an explosion of eruptions. These energies will have to end through expression in order to be set free. You cannot shush the inner child wanting to come out, is it not?! It is the same with this mass awakening and shift in consciousness, it will definitely bring about some upheavals and massive eruptions on all levels.

It all has to come out, hmm?! You cannot hold it within you anymore and as everyone is in his/her own reality many time-lines will pass, shift and cross each other on the shared horizon you have in common and that is Earth my friend!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

September Toegangspoort ~ Focus! ~ 28 Augustus 2015 / Méline Portia Lafont

Met dank aan Cobie voor de vertaling!

Zegeningen Geliefden!

We arriveren in de September Toegangspoort ~ Een toegangspoort van FOCUS om te balanceren doorheen de uitdagingen, verschuivingen, ingezaaide creaties die vorm aannemen en de vele breuken die mogen gaan gebeuren. Denk eraan dat het niet is om te focussen op wat er rondom je heen gaande is en wat deze Collectieve wereld je mag laten zien aan ontketenende energieën. Houd in gedachten dat deze allemaal oude energieën zijn die losgelaten willen worden zoals de druk op een kokende kookpot. Neem eenvoudig waar. Laat dit jou niet uit je focus en intentie vandaan trekken om door jouw persoonlijke Toegangspoort heen te gaan.

Deze Toegangspoort gaat over de VOLLEDIGE integratie van je Hogere Lagen naar het niveau dat je kunt verdragen binnenin je fysieke lichaam. Het is om te focussen op de Harmonie, innerlijke balans en het hart terwijl de wervelwind om jou heen veegt. Er is een innerlijke kracht dat naar het Licht komt, je Ware ZELF verlichtend. Je Lichaam neemt een ander niveau van verlichting en begint meer van je Licht uit te stralen. Je cellen heractiveren hun essentiële vibrationale bewustzijn en je ziel komt in/naar die staat van essentie tevoorschijn waar je één bent met Alles Dat Is. Dit zal een intense toegangspoort zijn van krachtige verschuivingen.

Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, August 29


Judas Iscariot
Saturday, August, 29, 2015
Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. The new time has come. Everything happens in this “now”. The money is redistributed in this “now” to approved banks and bank officials. Some countries have already changed their currency and this will soon be felt by all. More and more countries will join the new currency. It will go in waves. Some turbulence is inevitable so it is important that you remain calm and stand firmly with your feet on the ground. Fill out your inner light and seek Your Father. He will help you over this time. All your guides, power animals and beings will also be around you and assist you during this time. Everything is prepared and everything will go well. Listen to your heart and follow it. Help others to understand that what is portrayed as “the worst of times” in the media really are “the best of times” for humanity. You are needed now, all ye light workers to soothe troubled souls, in a time that may look more turbulent than it really is.

Kara Schallock ~ Powerful Leaps Forward - 02-Sep-2015


Since March, in particular, we have been expanding, growing and changing exponentially. Each solar activity, each New & Full Moon has been extraordinarily intense, pushing us forward as if we have been riding a wave that increases in speed as we get closer to the shore. This past Full Moon has beenincredibly powerful and still is. Many “ascension symptoms” have returned…intense ear noise, sleep disruptions, digestive issues, buzzing in different parts of the body, headaches, nausea and the list goes on. At the same time, we are more intuitive, more clear and are experiencing amazing dreams; be they releasing, healing or showing us a magnificent view of the shore. Many are leaving the planet, including many life forms as well. And now we are moving toward the eclipse on September 13th, which will be rather huge for us. We are actually not only feeling the last Full Moon, but are also feeling the build-up of the eclipse energy. It is pushing us toward making even more changes, if necessary. Enough of the excuses and feeling victimized; you either leap fully into being Love or you grow evermore miserable in old life.

Suzanne Lie ~ Your Earth Assignment by The Arcturians



Dear Readers,
Certain articles I received in the past have been placed into my field of attention. This was written about a year ago, but the Arcturians wanted me to add important information to this message that could not be shared before. Therefore, if it sounds a bit familiar, it is because you have a good memory.

Reality is in layers of frequencies that are embedded into the holographic projections of 3D/4D Earth. Your difficulties on these levels of reality are not just about the persons known as the cabal or the dark ones, but also have to do with the frequency of reality to which you are attuned.

Bob Fickes ~ The Year of Activating the Heart

The universe has been moving this year to bring all of us into a new realm of experience that embodies more Light and Love in our daily lives. Many times this year we received downloads from the universe to lift our heart into a more highly attuned level of experience. Of course this has also given us many challenges to take important steps to change our life and the way we do things. The energy will continue to build over the next few months until the end of this year.
The most precious gift we have as a human being is our Cosmic Heart. The heart is the very center of our life. Deep inside our heart we are connected to the Source of the Universe. Our Heart is the doorway to the Infinite Life Force and Love Force that materializes everything in this universe. The Heart is also the Balance Point that restores harmony and goodness to everything we do in life. Our Heart has been activated many times this year so that we can now begin to listen to our heart and go with the mighty flow of Love that we need to improve our life and make our world a better place.

Emmanuel Dagher ~ A New Age Secured - September 2015

Energy Forecast 2015 Banner

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My friend,
Thank you for being such a blessing to the world. Your presence (whether your mind is aware of it or not) is raising the consciousness of the planet immensely, and the Universe is showering all of humanity with so much more light as a result.
I come to you today with great excitement and joy about what’s going on in the world at this time.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


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Hello Powerful Ones,
We see you as mirrors of our own immense and continually evolving capacity. We see you stepping into more aliveness. We see you letting more light into your embodied experience. We see you both growing the capacity to receive the light in others, regardless of the mix of their energy and having less ambivalence about being all that you are.

Bravo & Brava!

Matt Kahn/Teal Swan - full video

Matt Kahn and Teal Swan join together for a discussion on the most important spiritual practices today, the shadow, self acceptance and how to approach self help.

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