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Natalie Glasson – The Creator’s Healing By Saint Germain – 28 March 2015

natalie glassonGreetings and love are extended to you through my being from all aspects of the universe of the Creator; you are deeply and absolutely loved in this moment by all that is the Creator. There is no separation or lack in the Creator’s love for you; everything is provided for you should you choose to accept the Creator’s love.
Many souls upon the Earth move through challenging situations and experiences which can be deeply painful creating wounds within their bodies. Whether physical pain, emotional pain, mental pain or any form of suffering is experienced, large or small wounds are created especially within the emotional body, however they can filter into all aspects of a person’s being causing havoc within the inner reality while being replicated into the outer reality.  When you begin to notice that all forms of suffering and pain whether inflicted by self or another cause an energetic, mental or emotional wound then you understand that many people are moving through their realities holding onto numerous wounds which they use to describe themselves. Have you ever introduced yourself to a person asking questions about them to then discover the story of the wounds they are holding onto and have experienced? Maybe you describe yourself to others by sharing your life wounds, all the experiences which have caused you pain?

Suzanne Lie ~ The Process of Ascension Part 2 - The Arcturians and Your Galactic Family 3-29-15

The Process of Ascension Part 2

The Arcturians and Your Galactic Family

As you continue your process of ascension, and it is indeed a process, your consciousness expands into higher and higher frequencies. Therefore, you will be able to consciously perceive and collect higher and higher frequencies of thoughtforms and energy fields. By “collect” we mean that once you perceive an energy field, it awaits in your aura until you decide what to “do” with it.

In other words, you are no longer a passive observer of life. The very creative and/or destructive forces of your reality, thoughtforms and energy fields, allow you to chose whether you wish to feed that energy with fear OR send it your unconditional love and transmute it with the Violet Fire.

Furthermore, the energy field and thoughtforms that you send into you reality will return more and more quickly. Hence, you will no longer be able to be “unconscious” about what is occurring in your reality. The best part of your expanded awareness is that you can observe your own energy fields and thoughtforms to see if you want to send them out into your world, or transmute them with unconditional love and Violet Fire.

Marilyn Raffaele ~ The Arcturian Group

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MARCH 29, 2015
Dear ones, Greetings to all in this season of Christian celebration. Know that the death and resurrection remembered at Easter were meant to provide profound spiritual teachings for all, Christian as well as non-Christian.
Spring is bringing with it new beginnings, even for those who may be trying very hard to avoid new beginnings. We speak now of those who believe that their learning curve is finished and that they are now entitled to sit back and enjoy "old age". Those in this category will be very surprised when change begins to disrupt this cherished illusion. Everyone must be prepared for change both within and without regardless of human age and its manifestations .

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Los Tsolianos ~ Integración de la Formación del Espectro Infrarrojo

Comunicado a través de Méline Portia Lafont

Los saludamos.

Deseamos hablarles hoy acerca de las integraciones del Espectro Infrarrojo. Hemos hablado sobre esto antes en uno de nuestros primeros mensajes, y vamos a explicárselos un poquito más profundamente. El espectro infrarrojo puede proporcionarles un cierto grado de esclarecimiento porque contiene fractales y una composición diafragmática de tal vista de otras vibraciones que pudiera volverse su realidad y sentidos. (“diafragmática” significa que vibra como una respuesta a ciertas ondas y emite señales o produce ondas).

Es un espectro que uno integra en este tiempo para poder recibir y percibir otros mundos y realidades paralelas tales como las de sus propios hogares y seres Dimensionales. Le permite a uno levantar los velos y ver/percibir más allá de las ondas gamma una frecuencia de vibración más profunda, que es el núcleo de cada Rayo/onda y formación de Luz. Las ondas y frecuencias invisibles sólo pueden ser percibidas cuando dichos espectros Infrarrojos están plenamente integrados y activados dentro de la mente y ojos de uno, junto con el despertar del ojo interno.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

21st Century Superhuman w' Alexander Ra Sol - 27 March 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Consciousness is the Mysterious Invisible Force of our Life

We place a lot of emphasis on being more conscious of the things that we do in life, but when we are on the Path to Enlightenment there is something even more important to realize. Consciousness also is our Life Force. Because we cannot see Consciousness during the day, we often forget how important Consciousness is to transform the world around us. If I say to you, “How much Consciousness do you have?” Most people will not understand what I am asking.
What is Consciousness? Consciousness is a great unknown. We can’t normally see it but we know it is there. We know we are conscious, but we can’t see it clearly enough to know how much Consciousness we have. Consciousness is invisible. It is there all the time and without it we cannot be alive. Without Consciousness we cannot function. Isn’t it strange that the most important element of our life, the very thing that makes us human, is also the most mysterious and least understood element in our Life.

Marlene Swetlishoff ~HILARION ~ March 29-April 5, 2015

Beloved Ones,

The winds of change blow ever more frequently. All about you there are increasing signs of the renewal of your lands, your peoples and your souls. As each person aligns to their own divine essence and daily invokes its presence within them, there is an acceleration of changes that take place within their physical body. These changes occur in cycles and you will know when you are in a cycle of assimilation of the cosmic energies flowing in through your crown chakra, as this is the time of the taking in of new information and you are much energized, invigorated and uplifted. Then comes another cycle of the assimilation of these energies in which you, in your physical body, find the need to rest, to sleep, to nurture self and to contemplate and ground them into your physical body in order to anchor them upon and within the Earth. Gone are the days when this process occurred in terms of decades; now it takes place in a much accelerated pace. Such are the times in which you are living.

Rising before you is the evidence of all that was once held secret and which now can no longer be contained by those who strive to withhold. The dawn of the new day rises each morning both literally and figuratively. You who are well versed in your daily disciplines feel these from within. Your higher connection always steers you into the correct assumption of the doings of those upon your planet. You have been seeing the effects of changes that are being wrought by the gathering together of many people to endorse an intention to create a correction to movements that occur that would take you and your planet off course. We from higher perspective increasingly overlight your souls that you might be collectively inspired to avert that which is not for the highest good of your people and your planet. Those who have such intentions will not succeed in their endeavours to regain their control.

Ronna Herman ~ AA Michael ~ Fine-tuning your spiritual awareness

Michael's Message

            Beloved masters, let us pause for a moment before we begin our discourse. Close your eyes and allow the sense of time and space to fall away.  Envision streams of Love/Light radiating from within the wellspring of your heart center, and see them flowing forth to encompass everyone and everything on the Earth. Via your inner vision, watch as billions of various size streams of Light radiate back to you from every sentient Being on Earth. Let go of your fear, judgment, and your different beliefs as you connect with the Core Essence of your brothers and sisters around the world. 

            Every person on Earth is unique, and yet, deep within your Heart Core, you are all the same. Every Sentient Being is composed of the same substance as that of our Father/Mother God: the pure Divine Essence of the Supreme Creator. You, as a manifested physical Spark of Light, are encoded with a Divine Blueprint, which consists of specific vibrational patterns and enough Divine Light Substance to fulfill your current earthly destiny.  

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Raising vibration show with Paige Hall-Ferraro and special guest Méline Lafont.

You can listen to the show here and now <3 enjoy!

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Jamye Price – Creating From The Human Mind – 26 March 2015

JamyePrice2012closeupCreating from the Human Mind
There are those that resent the “failings” of the human mind. That it can be distracted, fooled or controlled by another are not failings. Do not let your power be distracted by those that focus on the lack or the problems. Live the solution.
The vulnerabilities of the human mind are part of the strengthening of the being. Vulnerability is not a weakness unless you choose not to understand its value. Vulnerability is the valuable ability for one to be open enough to change. Change is a choice, a gift of the mind.