Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Anna Merkaba ~ Aquarius Constellation – Morpheus Apparatus – Personal Experience

01_AquariusAquarius constellation plays a major role in the unfolding of your present reality. For through the Aquarius constellation the sacred encodings shall be delivered to earth in divine right timing
Greetings everyone, I would like to share something amazing with all of you which may be interesting for many of you and actually may spark some remembrance within you. I was working on a spectacular being of light a few days ago who has come to me for a healing session. She was very lost and wanted to know why she is here. I have given up doing personal channelings, but if during a healing session something comes up I always include it into my report. Here is the information that started to flood through me for her in regards to her Mission here on earth.

Bob Fickes ~ Message from Sananda: The Love of Mother

Blessings Dear Ones! I AM Sananda!
I welcome you with all my Love and Gratitude! You have successfully changed the energy for this year! Your open hearts have sent Love Energy around the planet and melted away difficult karma that would have affected you this year. Because of your Rays of Love Energy, this year will be Peaceful and Happy. Your open hearts have touched Mother Earth very deeply and she is more peaceful than in the past. You can be happy!
Mother Earth is with you. She watches over you with Love and Light like a loving mother, protecting you and assisting you in everything you do. This is what happens when you open your hearts. You are all her children. When the children are happy, mother is happy. When you are living your life with love, mother gives more love to you out of gratitude. As you feel better, she feels better. The mother’s heart is always one with her children.

Sandra Walter ~ Clarity on the Merge

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
I AM on day three of a water fast and I AM feeling superb. Just a note on the latest video: I was wary of sharing the Ascension Path calls since they can be taken out of context.
A Note for clarity, in Love, Light and Service:
Regarding the focus on merging 9D and below for Equinox: Of course we expand to 12D and beyond out to Source Level - that is the Solar Cosmic Christ integration. The merge of dimensional expressions from 9D down is presenting right now as a supported, conscious step supported by the incoming energies. We are about to make another collective timeline Shift.

3-2-15 Bill Ballard ~ INto Hyperdrive ~ My 16th Initiation Just Unfolded

These past weeks, I have just actualized my 16th ascension initiation, the first in these past years since my last initiation 15th was caught on film with Meline LaFont, my Metratron ~ Universal Merkaba initiation I speak of in this vid and seen here. http://youtu.be/UCCnpxhscSg You can see the streaming LIGHT CODES incoming in the columns in this video as well as my Universal Merkaba being integrated during the initiation. I have never seen Skype do what happens in this video with the either the vid or sound… wild stuff… Ya can’t make this stuff up!

I speak in today’s video about Sandra Walter’s newest http://youtu.be/OzjX2_fAnZE . Sandra’s Ascension Integration website:http://www.sandrawalter.com/ascension... The Ascension Integration Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/Ascensio...

In today’s video I mention that we cannot see weather modifications on CONUS satellite view any longer… Someone finally figured out how to mask that view…. Here is what it used to look like. This is a man-made land hurricane from spring 2011https://www.facebook.com/bill.ballard... This is one of the dishes that weather modification is done at. Here is Phoenix Skyharbor airport.https://www.facebook.com/bill.ballard... HAARP Weather modifications ULF freezing the upper atmosphere is seen herehttps://www.facebook.com/bill.ballard... There are more albums and photos to scroll through here and also in my Facebook Albums.

I mention Hurricane Katrina in today’s video… and when the piers flew apart and you can see some 50 2x6 boards in the air at the same time… Look closely in the air to see what is actually happening. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fb... You can scroll through these photos to see more of that man-made storm, and there are other albums on my Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/bill.ballard...

I speak of Solara in this video from 25 years ago and her speaking of those ascending going to Octave 7 and others into Oneness of Octave 11…. Here is an interview from Legend of Atlantis http://youtu.be/qkeTtYi27W0 This is the full movie, 6 hours plus of The Legend of Atlantis…. Get your popcorn ready for this one… http://youtu.be/px3HWwDUsyI

Anyone who wishes to make energy exchange donations for my work can be done via Paypal and that address is the same as my email address: pearls2u@hotmail.com

Thank you!
Much LOVE!
Bill Ballard
aka Ma Na Ra ~ Manna Ra
aka Walking Star

Monday, March 2, 2015

Saint Germain - Wat Is Vrijheid - 27 Februari 2015 / Méline Portia Lafont


Met dank aan Karl voor het plaatje

Wat is vrijheid?

Vrijheid is zonder een spoor van gedachten, inzichten, visioenen, controle, ideeën, waarden, tijd, zelfbeeld, acties … want deze kwesties begrenzen allemaal de jij van alle vrijheid die er is. Zelfs in de kleinste delen van jou; jij bent vrijheid zonder alles van dat wat hiervoor genoemd werd.

Wanneer je er waarlijk over nadenkt en probeert te begrijpen wat vrijheid is, om vrijheid tot uitdrukking te brengen, is het al geen vrijheid meer maar beperking door een inzicht van het verstand en wat jij denkt dat het is. Zelfs het in woorden plaatsen van wat vrijheid is, is alles behalve vrijheid want het is een gelimiteerde vorm. Een "omkaderde" waarde die je erop plaats of probeert om het zo te begrijpen.

Marilyn Raffaele ~ Arcturian Group ~ March 1, 2015

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We come with greetings of love and grace to assist all who seek change and deeper awareness. We observe that many have already accomplished this; you have done the work and are beginning to see the fruitage of that work.
As Gaia lifts into ever higher dimensional levels, many are beginning to more easily experience and integrate the deeper truths. Concepts previously taken for granted as being truth, have become no longer acceptable to ever increasing numbers of people. Some holding positions of leadership or fame who comfortably spewed lies or acted in ways to enhance their own power, authority, wealth, and self aggrandizement, are being exposed. This is happening because so many have begun to listen to and act upon their intuition instead of simply accepting "bought and paid for" sources of information. You are awakening from the dream.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

PLEIADIAN PROPHECY The Great Changeover 2013 - 2027

Stanford Scientists Observe Man Travel Out of His Body and Into Space – What He Saw Was Remarkable



NASA’s Pioneer 10 spacecraft was launched into space in 1972. It was the the very first spacecraft to fly directly through the asteroid belt and make observations of the biggest planet in our solar system, Jupiter. It was also able to obtain close up images of the planet, something that scientists had never had access to before. (1)

Prior to the flyby of Jupiter by Pioneer 10, the CIA and NSA in conjunction with Stanford University were involved in what was called “Remote Viewing.”  Remote viewing can be defined in multiple ways. It’s the ability of individuals to describe a remote geographical location up to several hundred thousand kilometers away (sometimes even more) from their physical location.(2)(3)(4)

Natalie Glasson – The Evolution Of Intuition To Power By Lord Melchizedek – 1 March 2015

Thanks to: https://lucas2012infos.wordpress.com/2015/03/01/natalie-glasson-the-evolution-of-intuition-to-power-by-lord-melchizedek-1-march-2015/
natalie glassonExpressions of love continue to flow with ease and perfection from my being, Lord Melchizedek, into your entire vibrational being. We resonate and exist in oneness; perfection is our natural vibration as we are all experiencing complete processes of integration with the divine source of the Creator. Perfection is your truth, your essence and existence. To allow yourself to exist as an expression of the Creator in every given moment is the perfection of your being and the Creator.
Perfection isn’t about being flawless, exact, correct or accomplished in your everyday existence, more so the perfection of the Creator speaks of integration, resona ce, alignment and experiencing the divine flow of the Creator surging through your being. You are already the  perfection of the Creator, in order to enhance your ability to accept yourself in this way there is a need to enhance your intuition and inner power, in truth recognising the tools you already possess  to express the Creator. As you surrender to the Creator allowing the divine Universe to work through you, there will no longer be a need to create or force the presence of perfection from within you or into your daily reality.

Bob Fickes ~ The Flower of your True Nature is Hiding Beneath the Hard Bud of Karma

Our Inner Master or Divine Self is like a delicate flower hiding beneath the hard skin of the bud. When we are born we choose our body to suit the lessons we want to learn in this life. These lessons often challenge us with the hard lessons of karma. But inside of us beneath the shell of our outer appearance and our outer personality are all of the answers we seek and all of the gifts and abilities we want to develop. This is the delicate flower of our true nature. This delicate flower is hidden from view until we learn how to break through the hard outer bud of our karmic habits and behaviors forced on us from our environment.
Maybe you are feeling that you are not as clever as others or have more karma than others. Never compare yourself to someone else. This is your movie not theirs. You chose this body and personality for only this lifetime. Before this life and after this life you will be free of the role you play in this movie and return to your natural self. Just like an actor returns home after making a movie and can be them self again. You did not choose the part of someone else. They have their role and their lessons, and you have your role and your lessons. If you try to compare your self to them and try to be like them, you will ignore the lessons you signed up for and have to repeat the semester in your next life.