Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Solstice blessings and discounts

Blessings Beloved Love Tribe!

This Solstice is ongoing as we speak!  Today our moon is in alignment with the Galactic Center.  What does this mean: triggering emotions, triggering awakening for the collective, shifts and activation Awakening Wave 3!  Currently Galactic codes are being bombarded to our world of BEing through the emotional field/body (moon).  So rest well to integrate, it may be difficult to place this and to be centered due to these energies passing through the emotional collective field.

Thank you to all whom have participated in the Worldwide meditation yesterday!

To celebrate this solstice I have added a few discounts on tools that feel right to me to offer in order to assist you.  You will notice that you will have to do it all more yourself now instead of reading it from others or receiving info..  Therefore I offer tools in discount rate to assist you in that choice.

With Love and devotion

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