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Méline Portia Lafont ~ The compression and pressure cooker energies of these months ~ freedom, expansion, abundance, NEW you

Did everyone survive the months of April and May?! Talking about a catalyst!! Spinning frequencies in all sorts of levels and at different kinds of speed that compress us like a vacuum machine under constant high pressure. Pfffhieeeuuww! This is what it felt like to me!

To begin with, the month of April brought me personally on a level of speed where I started to acknowledge the deeper foundation of my SELF consciousness on a more human level. This going to extravaganza and back home to the center! What a trip, what a mortal experience and beyond! My body reached another peak of exhaustion after that and I even went blank mentally and emotionally for a little while to catch up with things.

The month of May

After that the month of May implied even more of that but slightly different. May showed me the potential of creation and the sense of unity within my body and consciousness as a human experience. I experienced Love and Unity on a conscious level through embodiment and natural experiences that went as deep as the core of my cellular structure. I have experienced a large amount of unconditional deep love and a profound merging with nature and all life. I thought I had blended before with nature and experienced unity with it, but I was wrong as NOW I see that the unity expansion through nature has blended with my own field of unity through the selfless experience and altered senses of my SELF as a unity consciousness.

In other words: I was being taken into the fields of this expansion and began to breathe in oneness with it. It was so harmonious and effortless. That is what harmony is all about: the effortless flux of Being where all things are in unity with one another. As soon as you want to start doing something or creating something to get to a certain point, it is not harmonious anymore. One will have to breathe into that moment and BE with it without any form of thought, creation and intention. It just IS. Difficult to explain but such a strong feeling.

The potential of creation that May showed me had to do with my personal life. After the full Blue moon at the end of May, a profound thing was triggered in me that is connected to clarity! It became so clear of what was lingering underneath my surface that wanted to change, as it presented itself onto me. That full Blue moon brought in most profound clarity! Everything that went on for months prior to this moon became an “aha” moment and it all made so much more sense to me.

I started to notice that I finally became more balanced after being flat out for at least 1 week a month prior to this, during several consecutive months. Suddenly all of my wishes and creations started to come about and take on form. I have changed so many programs, creations and ideas over the last few months that I cannot hold onto anything anymore. This includes my own teachings and insights: one day I teach a certain insight and energy and the next day it literally has shifted again. It constantly changes and this for the better of all. I find my peace in it and I sense a lot of freedom through this.

This month of May was a month of re-embodying many sides of higher SELF and continuously adapting to these changes and embodying new ones. A constant movement of vibrations in the cellular structure and a grand devotion to SELF. I started to notice me making firm decisions for myself, standing tall for myself and for what I want, feeling the urge to do only things that make me feel happy and joyful, nurturing my own soul with care and saying NO to anything else besides that.

All that had to do with doing things for others which had become too much and my soul even started to resist this and put a halt on this. So I ventured to a point where I was experiencing everything about giving meaning to things and the essence of meaninglessness and this gave me a deep shift I've never experienced before. Suddenly I wanted to change EVERY part of my entire life! Everything but ME. I am so content with myself and I love myself so deeply that I feel that I want to change and re-shape every bit of my current life (way of living) in order to honor myself out of deep Love.

I am thus turning my life and all that is part of it inside out/upside down and I have opened all the doors for change to participate and make that happen. What a changeover! My body responds VERY well to this at this time and I feel my cells and my emotional body vibrating more peace and Light.

What does this entail for us all?

I have shared a little bit of my own personal experiences on this level, but what do these current energies and these shifts of the past few months bring for us all as a collective on the energy level? I would say one thing and that is “conscious expansion”! Aren't we all more aware than ever of what is going on inside of us? Aren't we all feeling what our consciousness is delivering to our body at this time as our cellular structure responds loud and clear to these heightened frequencies?! We are feeling more and more movement in our own bodies as well as in our carbon based cells. They are all starting to vibrate more love and light as their frequencies are speeding up.

April and May have delivered us the potential of higher awareness but also the heightened experience of one's SELF and of one's own mind as a Solar consciousness. Our consciousness is expanding to a more Solar level and this is what we've started to embody ~ something that has been initiated recently. We are seeing more of that day by day as we move rapidly through the gateways of time and space beyond infinity. Time has shifted for sure as time accelerates even more rapidly and starts to fade out of our minds.

May has brought the energies of potential towards embodiment and the manifested creations through the portals of clarity. What you have seeded may by now have magically presented itself onto you on some level that is noticeable for you to understand that it is emerging or already here. It is all taking on form, just as our bodies are taking on more form as the crystalline structure.

You will come to find that your personality is not the same anymore. You have changed your senses and so will your abilities come to change. Every part of yourself that was once a mystery has now become a natural part of you. All that was a part of you, or what you have defined as yourself has faded away. You will have to put a lot of effort to dive into the memory of it and try to find it back: you will notice that it is gone!

Many have found themselves on the brink of change for a long time and some have crossed over to find happiness in that change. As clarity abounds now of what one wants and does not want – take a look at politics for example and how the elections are showing each of you of what you do want and do not want, same goes for world events as you state clearly what has to stop from happening and what you desire to see and start happening. This goes on on a personal level too.

Many find themselves happy in their new way of Being and are making the necessary changes to allow this inner Being to fit with the outer Being as one realm of happiness. I speak of attuning your outer world to your inner world and find the resonance frequency through balance.

This brings us to the urge and the deep sense to say NO to whatever makes you feel uncomfortable or out of sync. If you find yourself compelled to reject other's needs and favors, do not feel bad or guilty for it. You are not ignorant to their needs by rejecting those desires, you are simply allowing your own SELF – which is ALL that IS – to further nurture you and expand. You are respecting your own SELF and soul. Remember that the SELF is ALL thus you are assisting all others as well this way.

You are allowed and entitled to receive what is yours to have and to embody at this time and for this you will need to spend more time with yourself and listen to what it has to say and to offer you. All outside things will only distract you from this at that time, so when you feel that sudden strong urge to be within yourself and spend time with you and all that is part of your life, yourself and your energy: honor that and listen to it! It is calling you for a reason! You can continue with whatever you wish once this experience and expansion is embodied, but it is crucial now for you to care for yourself and to listen to your own soul and body.

You may enjoy what you have achieved and have fun, be happy, share and give. You have worked so hard, now reap the fruits and enjoy what is yours to enjoy. Live life, breathe life, it is all you!

We are changing our personalities, our values, our ideas and perceptions, we are changing it all and we are changing all of our self. This demands time, inner journeying, devotion, care, nurture and openness. We are transforming inside out; what a journey to begin with!

The month of June ~ pressure in the cooker for expansion

This is a feeling I get when thinking about June: pressure in the cooker for expansion. What is expansion? For many it is a sense of freedom, for others abundance, immortality, spirituality and so much more. For me expansion is the continuation of the eternal Flame within experiencing itself anew every now moment without limits. Why I associate the sense of June with the pressure in a the cooker has simply to do with the intensity and amount of energy shifts that lie ahead.

It has become apparently clear that the energies will only intensify because we are altering our states of consciousness to keep these into alignment with the higher dimensional Light, Source codes and energies. If we simply would like to embody the Solar Christ consciousness and other higher Christed levels of consciousness, we will have to constantly integrate, adapt and shift our energy fields in order to embody this. As the light becomes higher and the energies on Earth start to spin faster, everything becomes fluid and so will we.

The Solstice of June will be the energy portal which blows like an explosion and releases the tremendous amount of pressure on the energetic level. It will liberate things and set them free.

And more and more are we sensing the freedom through our own expansion and Being as fluidity is the freedom of movement and it is the only constant there is. So how could we ever stay the same person, hold onto the same thoughts, be the same thoughts or even try to be so? If there is something the collective has learned massively by now is that you cannot hold onto anything in life. If you still believe that as your paramount reality, things and loved ones will be taken away from you to show you it is not the case.

I think we will all agree if I say that the summer months will continue to pursue the effects of clarity, expansion, motion and change to be embodied on new levels. I do sense some fragrances of freedom and abundance through this expansion as well. Only do I not know in which way that may be for each and everyone of you. But for me personally I sense a grand flow of freedom and abundance... It could be personally.

Since all the energies and shifts are going so fast, I feel that it has become difficult to almost impossible to catch these energy frames into words. The energies go so fast and tremendously deep that by the time you “get it” and put it into channeled words the wave has already left so to speak. The translating of these takes time because it has to pass the borders of the mind to be “understood” into human terms before one can put it out into the human language. That makes reading work harder but light language and healing work much easier.

As healing and light language are certain energy frequencies that are not translated into words, we work directly with Source energies infused through the heart and pass them on as they come in. The direct transmission of these current incoming energies can therefore work better and easier as the process between integrating and passing these on through this type of energy work takes lessf time. It can even be passed on directly being a conduit.

Healing is not only transmuting or releasing work where you have the sense of always having to work on yourself. For me healing has become a type of energy work where you bring in and access the balance within someone. I feel that this will be the main focus during these next 3 to 4 months: to constantly bring in and keep balance. This cannot be done through words (readings) but rather through energy healing work and light language, tones and geometry.

Even if you are quite awakened and you have all this knowledge of what I speak of now (and even more), we all need a check up or experience a state of balance at times. This is because we process so much that we even may be unaware of the fact that we are unbalanced even if we feel good and awakened. There is still a lot of shifting taking place in the conscious mind through the subconscious mind as we go along. Every tiny shift, change, energy influx, creation and new connection, brings in a new energy or energy pattern of yourself into your field. This brings in a change, a shift and a movement in your balanced state even if it is a positive one. We need to integrate these and so is our field adapting once more. The ripples effect the silent ocean of balance.

So are we to find the balance anew and keep it this way, which actually is a constant thing since we are in a constant flux of shifts and changes. To pass on the new higher energies through energy healing and bring in balance is what I feel has become important. That is what I will be focusing on this summer and what I will be offering to clients during the entire summer (July and August) as I feel light language activations and energy healing for balance are KEY. This is a way of working that can be passed on more easily and much faster than readings (words) while we all go through these intense waves of energy. Our minds can hardly catch up with the speed of these energy waves, thus let us be present in the moment and pass this on through light language and healing which is one of the more important forms of channeling the Source energies.

This being said, you all now know what I will be up to and will be offering from now on. I don't feel we will need more information and words to be put into our minds while already being bombarded with such intense energies. I feel balance is what may assist us while we integrate what bombards us. Please consider this advice and feel it. Curious as to what this all will bring about for you all!!

My eternal blessings,

Méline <3

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Love, Méline <3

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